Saturday, September 27, 2014

Monsters for dinner?

My post yesterday was softening/prepping up the audience for this : Do adventurers ever have monster for dinner, not as guests but entrees?

Is eating a monster ever wise? Or is consumption of monsters a sign one is a monster themselves?

Is feasting on roast unicorn a mark of evil?  What about troll kebab or Dragon chops?

In my campaigns consumption of other tool users and talkign beasts is generally considered  taboo and unpleasant, maybe even evil but I wonder how it would really be for occupants of such a world.
Orcs and goblins are occasionally portrayed as cannibalistic, and I've played in many a campaign where they actively hunt other intelligent species making it pretty clear eating other folk is of course evil but where is the line?

If human where is the cut off on this spectrum: Hell Hound, Dragon, Blink Dog, Unicorn, Troll, Fairy, or Gnome? Are some of those actually dangerous to eat?

Hell Hounds if actually from the nether realms or the results of vile contamination may be entirely lethal to consumption of mortal men.  It woudl surprise me at all that Draogns are inedible or only have small portions that are safe for men to eat many are infused with toxins and magical energies.
Blink dogs however should have flesh that is entirely edible but maybe their magical nature makes that risky but what of the moral connection? Unicorns are genrally seen as creatures of magic and beauty but physical and people do eat horses. Trolls in classical D&D are pretty horrible critters that regenerate, woudl their flesh be savory, would it be possible for normal meant to eat them at all? What of fairies that stand slightly apart half in this world half in another, is flattened fairy under glass palatable? What of the gnome they are tool using folk but distantly related to man (if related at all) is it socially inappropriate to dine on them because they are often seen as goodly folk, what if they are more distant or an evil species?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Animals Eaten

I noticed a post outof the web talkign about duck and lamb as if they were unusual meats and I got wondering about the diets of folks playinngn games and how that impacts the diets of game worlds.

Here's a listing of animals I have eaten (or at least portions of):

Cow, Chicken, Pig (and boar), Lamb (and Mutton),
Game Hen, Pigeon, Duck, Turkey, Goose
Oytsers, Clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, crayfish, crabs, lobsters, snails
Countless Varieties of Fish (including shark and eel)
Octopus and Squid
Venison,Buffalo,Llama,Caribou,Moose, Goat
Squirrel, Rabbit, Bear
Ostrich,Emu,Nutrea (water rats, taste like squirrel meets rabbit)
I have tasted Ants, Earth Worms, Crickets as part of a foods in nature course but never had a whole meal of bugs.

How about you?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Expanded Melee Attack Matrix

A set of expanded Melee Attack Tables for Seven Voyages of Zylathern.

There's a little bit of minor variation in these charts. Some of the weapons vs some weapons don't improve by the rulebook progressions at higher levels to fit how I'd want the classes to run in a campaign I was running. Thieves lose access to a couple weapons: no maces, morningstars, or lances for the thief. Magic-Users gain access to swords but only magic swords at 10th level or higher so certain types of epic wizardly types can have swords (but it really isn't a superior option for them).

Monday, September 22, 2014

Computerizing tables and data sets

Been computerizing some of my tables (some of which will find their way here eventually).  I'm using quickbasic and javascript to get them done and the biggest pain in the tasks is compiling and formatting the data sets.  You see anyone with even a halfway decent random dungeon generator with monster stats give that person some respect getting the data together is a chore.

Oh yeah QuickBasic, getting use out of 20-30 year old programming skills thanks to qb64. Sure I'm using javascript too and it looks like I might have a qb64 program generating the javascript. Also messing about with android and have a number of tools for app development that I might also put to the task so I can use my smartphone at the table for DMing and adventure construction.

Sure I could be using C++ but I just don't like writing terminal apps in C++, and javascript is close enough for me ( i know some programmer out there is groaning). I can't help it I'm a BASIC sorta guy and enjoy writing programs in it even if I have written actually useful code in C/C++.

Is is just me or is there a curiously low number of folks that program apps/applets in RPG blog-land relative to computer usage an skill sets?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Citadel

From an idea i've been kicking around for a good long time now thanks to some inspiration on the elfmaids and octopi blog, a darned big citadel/citystate. Not sure if I'm ever going to go far with this idea but I felt like sharing.
Part of my design process for an adventure/campaign area is sketch things out, sometimes it's a relationship map, sometimes it's sort of a storyborad, maps, and other times it's panoramas.

Overall shot:
A painted sketchy render of the idea. The rows of grey blocky dots are a couple thousand buildings each.

Closeup on one outer bastion.

The little red dots are 6' tall people.

Going all 10' by 10'grid precision on this would be awesome and insanely crazy.  I have to wonder how much mileage I could get out of using these shots and others at the table to explain and illustrate the adventure setting and how much grunt work I could skip thanks to the limited spectacle; do players have to know where the barracks room is inside the outer western foot of the that bastion or would just knowing it's in there do the job?

Friday, September 12, 2014

What you talkin bout Willis?

Coming Soon from Goodman Games- Dungeon Crawl Classics:Shanna's Weird Dice.

from the copy on the page:
This set contains the very dice that Shanna Dahaka used to invoke Azi Dahaka and enchant her magical afro.
Using these dice in your game is guaranteed to bring good fortune, especially if you rub them on an afro prior to each session.
WHAT?  Did I just read this:
Using these dice in your game is guaranteed to bring good fortune, especially if you rub them on an afro prior to each session.


Having fun with and making fun of dumb pop-culture references of the past is fine, off color humor is fine. Ad copy that is tone deaf to hurtful idiocy of the past is in poor taste.

Here's how it could have been softened to not be as creepy and borderline awful as it is.

This set contains the very dice that Shanna Dahaka used to invoke Azi Dahaka and enchant her magical afro.
Using these dice in your game is guaranteed to bring good fortune, especially if you rub them on your afro prior to each session.
See, that's having fun with stupidity of the past, not wallowing in it.

Sick for Days

Been sick for days with some sor tof flu my Kinder Gardener brought home (or maybe the teen imported from her food service job) starting to wonder when I rolled a 3 on my CON score.
I also noticed the odd reply to someone's blog post or forum I've been doing from my bed on my smartphone were going out on my other google account... technology and the flu are fun.
Feeling a little better the store brand day-whatever actually has me slightly functional and my fevers seem to be gone.  
Probably back to irregular posting any day now.