Sunday, March 1, 2015

[REAL LIFE] Had a nasty fall

I had a nasty fall on my night job over a week ago, it hurt like hell but I kept working.  I gave my supervisor a drive home and drove home myself. I pulled the car into my driveway and climbed out of the car, the pain amplified insanely. I hobbled up the stairs and needed my wife's help to get my work-shoes off and a crawled up the stair and lied down in bed: and the pain shot through the roof when I tried to lay down I  started shaking and felt like I was going to the the E.R. we went.

It turns out I have a compression fracture in on of my lumbar bones. Still waiting on a visit with a specialist and an MRI to see if anything is worse. I heal quickly so I'm already a little better but standing for over a couple minutes is ridiculously fatiguing, it is uncomfortable to sit for long and the pain mixed with meds makes it hard to concentrate (which makes my day job in front of a computer almost impossible).

Visiting specialist tomorrow, and physical therapy on wednesday unless the specialist says "no that would be bad". Not sure when I'll be able to get back to day job or night job.

The whole stupid thing is eating into my game playing  and blogging of course, had to cancel the last session of the game I DM. My blogging already suffering from change in job schedules has suffered more becasue of the injury. I'm not gone and I can't even say I'm not going to post more soon (the wife's tablet might allow more frequent posting). So not gone, not saying goodbye just another reason for less posting than I would like.  I do have a notebook that gets my drug and fatigue fueled scribbled into it now and again, hopefully I'll get a few good posts out of that.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Megadungeons need vast spaces

Megadungeons don’t just need  huge number of rooms, doors, and corridors, they need vast spaces. Even a maze of rooms and halls is in totality a vast space. Describing and making use of these vast spaces is a challenge for the DM.

Just how big a vast space is a “vast space”? A vast space should be identifiable as unique onto itself in some manner and link other locations. Such a space can serve as a hub to link together sub levels and even smaller areas that might otherwise be considered their own dungeons.  There is no one answer but when it’s being enough the size and reach become a feature it’s likely vast enough to qualify.

A few examples as outline:

The Huge Cavern, a huge cavern that forces a change in mapping scale or even means of description. If the place is big enough to fit a skyscraper and a multiplicity of subterranean features you can not see in but moments you’ve got a vast space. There are some truly huge caverns in the real world here’s but one:, good luck mapping that out in 10’ x 10’ squares.

The Chasm/Canyon, at first this is just like a huge cavern but it enforces a separation from point A to point B and forces people to think about the third dimension that they likely don’t want to fall into or get lost in. Sure you can explore the Chasm or Canyon but most of all you want to get to the other side.

The Well of Worlds, A great hole/shaft/stair going down it may or may not actually link portals between worlds but it does link hugely separated areas within the megadungeon that should feel like one has travelled from one domain to another.

The Dark Lake/Sea, a vast underground body of water (or other liquid) breaks the normal mode of travel, you can’t just walk across the expanse different modes of travel an action must be considered. the real action may be beneath the surface of the water or isolated on lonely islands that are invisible in the darkness. Can one sail in the still waters of the dark sea? Is there a current? Is the party equipped to deal with aquatic hazards?

The Lost (or not so lost) City, a city space that is clearly contained stands apart from the rest of a megadungeon with the needs of occurrent or former occupants begin visible. Folks live(d) here and their needs were met, everything you could expect to find on a surface city and more may be here. Roaming about an kicking in doors to pillage everything beyond may prove an unwise strategy in a such a lost city where the occupants should be more familiar with the surroundings and have more routes of travel than are typically found in a dungeon.

The Pits of Toil/Forges of Might, a vast mine or industrial space geared to it’s own purpose will set a vast space apart from a collection of dimly bigger rooms. A factory is a very different environment from a civic center and that should be the scope of difference between the pits and other dungeon spaces.

The Monster Coliseum,  huge gathering place geared to sport and combat can have multiple layers of use and focus for a megadungeon campaign form prison breaks of unwilling gladiators to exciting competition on the arena floor and possibilities to mingle and pickpocket among the curious crowd of onlookers. A Coliseum is a great environment to place challenges to meet characters of all different skill levels and offers more then the daunting challenge of mapping a vast space.

The Deep Wilds, similar to the huge cavern but the locations and behaviors of local life become more important and the prime feature in forest of roots and/or fungus. The comings and going of the local fauna and peculiarities of indigenous flora are far more important then mapping a 50’ stretch of space.

The crossroads or highway, an obvious travel route much much larger than a normal corridor is a vast space underground. Perhaps instead of a huge corridor it is an aqueduct or canal. It’s just to big to control the entirety of by a stationary foe and encourages much more mobility than is atypical in a dungeon environment and offers clear routes of travel.

These vast spaces can serve as stairway between levels, or a clear threshold separating low level, midlevel and high level play.A dungeon that contains or links one or more of the examples above can’t help but feel mega to the players in a megadungeon campaign.

A DM has to consider visibility, mobility, and even noise differently in the vast spaces here. A typical dungeon fight seldom involves more than a couple chambers of foes but with the ability to travel more and be noted from a wider array of potential foes the tactics used by player and descriptions of the DM may have to vary and the Megadungeon building and runnign DM should keep in mind and anticipate the differences in scale and scope.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Snow Snow and 100 NPCS

 I've  been walloped by the huge amount of snow we are getting here in New
England along with a new second job so the blogging has suffered a bit lately.

I've got a small band of adventurers down on the White Way that are either going to brave on until Toadtown or get the heck out of the Lost River Kingdom on Saturday.

Here's a list of 100 NPC for you.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Sarker

A fighter/magic-user variant for old school campaigns.

The Sarker is a mythic warrior that briefly taps the abilities of the beasts and monsters it slays by eating their flesh and wearing their skins.

Learning Spells

Many an old time D&D player is familiar with the default method for learning spells in spells in D&D yuo copy them from book to book, there may be fiddly extra rules but it all boils down to copying from book to book with the most common exception being nebulous "spell research". I think there should be a few different ways to for a Magic-User to learn new spells. The followign are three methods to acquire and learn new spells fro Magic-Users

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

100 NPCs of Xwlm

100 Randomly generated NPC from the World of Xwlm. Playing about with the data set for my random NPC generator and used races and alignments from a couple year old post.
This time around cheap money is brass pieces (b.p.) and higher end coin is the electrum piece (e.p.)

1. Adalam Greybulb, Selfish Bearded-Man Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d3 (shoddy);Carrying  273 b.p.    Escaped the wrath of Yartvony #45
2. Harkstar Split the terror of , Honorable Illustarted-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d3 (shoddy);Carrying  101 b.p.    Trained with Ocdazonna #7
3. Festerpalm Yei shame of Zilbid, Selfish Pigmented-Gnarm Warrior (F2),HP: 17,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d6;Carrying  318 b.p.    Companions of the cup with Weepstaff Borze #61
4. Mushbeard Kelwal, Selfish Hirsute-Man Champion (F4),HP: 34,AC:2[17],Wpn:1d6 (shoddy);Carrying  4 b.p. 50 e.p.
5. Mushknees Enwu, Wicked FurredMan Warrior (F2),HP: 20,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  520 b.p.     
6. Rawolf Madbones, Honorable FurredMan Bearer 0-level,HP: 3,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  35 b.p.    Dislikes Worestar Smashpit #23
7. Ocdazonna, Honorable FurredMan Warlord (F11),HP: 91,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  4 b.p. 131 e.p.
    Served with Dripbulb #57

8. Chalblorli, Selfish Scarred-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 10,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  365 b.p.    Fond of Shortorb #31
9. Donwild Idlelips, Honorable Hark Armsman (F1),HP: 12,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d6 (shoddy);Carrying  124 b.p.    A former thrall of Conxi #18
 10. Olfoz, Selfish Hirsute-Man Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d6;Carrying  299 b.p.    Fond of Riplips #86
 11. Smasheye, Wicked Hirsute-Man Ravager (F3),HP: 25,AC:4[15],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy, articulated);Carrying  3 b.p. 57 e.p.
 12. Egtiworm Biteneck, Selfish Naked-Gnarm Vagabond 0-level,HP: 3,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  152 b.p.    Wishes to kill Core slayer of Ocodoton #43
 13. Dragonarm Rohuiny, Wicked Bearded-Man Ravager (F3),HP: 27,AC:3[16],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  8 b.p. 58 e.p. 
 14. Djobad, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 10,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  110 b.p.    Is trusted by PanwinweThrottlejaw #55
 15. Ocohu, Honorable Bearded-Man Bearer 0-level,HP: 2,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  79 b.p.    Companions of the cup with Egtiworm Biteneck #12
 16. Ludremerle, Selfish Cyclopean Destroyer (F8),HP: 65,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  5 b.p. 124 e.p. 
 17. Osblaze, Selfish Naked-Gnarm Borrower (T1),HP: 7,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d6;Carrying  201 b.p.    Survived a duel with Hobblecrown Nethdagram #88
 18. Conxi, Selfish Bearded-Man Weaponmaster (F5),HP: 42,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d8; 68 e.p.
 19. Spliteye Wathgan, Selfish Bald-Man Alleymaster (T12),HP: 65,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d6 (shoddy, articulated);Carrying  9 b.p. 88 e.p.
    Served with Olfen #35
 20. Festerskull Chimmer, Selfish Naked-Gnarm Warrior (F2),HP: 18,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d6 (shoddy);Carrying  375 b.p.    
 21. Halffoot slayer of  Lostdangle, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Bearer 0-level,HP: 3,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  79 b.p.    Delivering money to Eada #70
 22. Conbidof Stonecup, Honorable Bearded-Man Vagabond 0-level,HP: 1,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d3 (shoddy);Carrying  97 b.p.    
 23. Worestar Smashpit, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Ravager (F3),HP: 28,AC:5[14],Wpn:1d6 (shoddy);Carrying  5 b.p. 32 e.p.  
 24. Xora, Honorable Naked-Gnarm Fliter (T2),HP: 15,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d6;Carrying  309 b.p.    Once served with Eada #70
 25. Astaldi, Honorable Bald-Man Weaponmaster (F5),HP: 43,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d6 (long,shody);Carrying  18 b.p. 45 e.p.
    Bears grudge towards Festerskull Chimmer #20
 26. Xorlamae, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  131 b.p.    Delivering money to Sarean #64
 27. Eaworm Mc Brokentail, Honorable  Warrior (F2),HP: 18,AC:5[14],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  403 b.p.    Cousin of Ludton #40
 28. Driptail Eanaild McCaven, Honorable Bearded-Man Bearer 0-level,HP: 1,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d2 (shoddy);Carrying  83 b.p.    Trusts Smasheye #11
 29. Raxtigor, Selfish Naked-Gnarm Bearer 0-level,HP: 2,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  115 b.p.    Served with Shorttoes Xeltimarle #66
 30. Greenbulb, Wicked Bearded-Man Ravager (F3),HP: 25,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d6;Carrying  8 b.p. 33 e.p.
    A fromer cronie of Hobblecrown Nethdagram #88
 31. Shortorb, Honorable Gnalf Ultimate Warrior (F18),HP: 146,AC:4[15],Wpn:1d6 (long,shody);Carrying  6 b.p. 185 e.p.  
 32. DraglipsVodwonhide, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Bearer 0-level,HP: 4,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  84 b.p.    A former thrall of Hobblecrown Nethdagram #88
 33. Twocrown Efregarde, Honorable Hirsute-Man Armsman (F1),HP: 9,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d3;Carrying  146 b.p.    Lent money to Ripdingle Zoblorle #97
 34. Starktoes Yuskel, Selfish Bearded-Man Battlemaster(F9),HP: 76,AC:4[15],Wpn:1d8 (shoddy);Carrying  1 b.p. 81 e.p.
    Shares a secret with Eada #70
 35. Olfen, Wicked Bald-Man Armsman (F1),HP: 9,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  204 b.p.    
 36. Dragonarrow Trebot, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Champion (F4),HP: 33,AC:5[14],Wpn:1d6 (shoddy, articulated);Carrying  2 b.p. 48 e.p.
    Wishes to kill Colwe Whitetail #93
 37. Adoze Shortknees, Honorable Illustarted-Gnarm Bearer 0-level,HP: 2,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  54 b.p.    Avoids Gobot Dragpalm #72
 38. Donnaemde, Honorable Patterned-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 12,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d2 (shoddy,articulate);Carrying  126 b.p.    Does not trust Conxi #18
 39. Redtongue Irkstar, Selfish Pigmented-Gnarm Warder (Mu2),HP: 10,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d4 (long);Carrying  186 b.p.    Disliked by Adao #60
 40. Ludton, Honorable Illustarted-Gnarm Bearer 0-level,HP: 1,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  69 b.p.    Served with Xora #24
 41. Bloodpate Xelnawon, Selfish Hirsute-Man Warder (Mu2),HP: 11,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  279 b.p.    
 42. Starkhand Oshu, Selfish Oolf Whisper (T11),HP: 65,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy, articulated);Carrying  8 b.p. 115 e.p.
 43. Core slayer of Ocodoton, Selfish Irk Bruxamin (Mu1),HP: 5,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  66 b.p.    Fond of Starkhand Oshu #42
 44. Littlesword, Selfish Naked-Gnarm Sharper (T6),HP: 37,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d6;Carrying  16 b.p. 77 e.p.
    Cousin of Thorbarza #68
 45. Yartvony, Honorable Pigmented-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 12,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy, articulated);Carrying  171 b.p.    Does not trust Zebnon DragoncrownofCanodhold #48
 46. Eaton Limpbulb, Honorable Hirsute-Man Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy);Carrying  247 b.p.    
 47. Pussheels Seffzen, Selfish Patterned-Gnarm Warrior (F2),HP: 17,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  270 b.p.    Survived a duel with Smasheye #11
 48. Zebnon DragoncrownofCanodhold, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Magicar (Mu4),HP: 18,AC:1[18],Wpn:1d10;Carrying  7 b.p. 57 e.p.
 49. Nethni, Honorable Patterned-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy);Carrying  239 b.p.    Shares a secret with Weepstaff Borze #61
 50. EstzeThrottlebulbofZaforge, Wicked FurredMan Warrior (F2),HP: 17,AC:5[14],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  302 b.p.    Served with Gnaowon #67
 51. Hochigone, Selfish Pigmented-Gnarm Hexer (Mu3),HP: 14,AC:3[16],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  2 b.p. 54 e.p.  
 52. Yuanedam Lickjaw, Selfish Hirsute-Man Borrower (T1),HP: 10,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d3;Carrying  144 b.p.    A fromer cronie of Looseeye #84
 53. Thorxistaffy Blackbone, Wicked Hirsute-Man Borrower (T1),HP: 10,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d2 (shoddy);Carrying  315 b.p.    Does not trust Gublazea Hotpate #83
 54. Yonalanna, Wicked Bearded-Man Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  264 b.p.    
 55. PanwinweThrottlejaw, Selfish Cyclopean Bearer 0-level,HP: 4,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  153 b.p.    Owes money to Ocachi #58
 56. Imam, Wicked Scarred-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d6;Carrying  45 b.p.    
 57. Dripbulb, Wicked Bearded-Man Slayer (F6),HP: 52,AC:4[15],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  9 b.p. 77 e.p.
    Is trusted by Adoze Shortknees #37
 58. Ocachi, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Bearer 0-level,HP: 1,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  34 b.p.    Seeking Donwild Idlelips #9
 59. Lackpate Ocaxi, Selfish Bald-Man Bearer 0-level,HP: 2,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d6 (shoddy);Carrying  67 b.p.    Escaped the wrath of Shortorb #31
 60. Adao, Selfish Bald-Man Warder (Mu2),HP: 12,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  420 b.p.    Wishes to impress Xorlamae #26
 61. Weepstaff Borze, Honorable Bald-Man Borrower (T1),HP: 10,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  132 b.p.    
 62. BitebeardVostaffhide, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Warrior (F2),HP: 18,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d8 (shoddy);Carrying  400 b.p.    Avoids Dragonarm Rohuiny #13
 63. Emniworm, Selfish Bald-Man Destroyer (F8),HP: 66,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  119 b.p. 66 e.p.
    Owes money to Thorxistaffy Blackbone #53
 64. Sarean, Selfish Illustarted-Gnarm Dodger (T4),HP: 27,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  1 b.p. 73 e.p.
    Wishes to kill Rawolf Madbones #6
 65. Kali, Selfish Naked-Gnarm Warrior (F2),HP: 19,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d2 (shoddy);Carrying  443 b.p.    
 66. Shorttoes Xeltimarle, Honorable Bearded-Man Ravager (F3),HP: 26,AC:5[14],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  1 b.p. 54 e.p.
    Wishes to impress Xalix Loststool #99
 67. Gnaowon, Honorable Hirsute-Man Bearer 0-level,HP: 2,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  165 b.p.    A fromer cronie of Sarean #64
 68. Thorbarza, Selfish Bearded-Man Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy);Carrying  204 b.p.    
 69. Thuiz, Selfish Naked-Gnarm Warder (Mu2),HP: 11,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  215 b.p.    Seeking Sarean #64
 70. Eada, Honorable  Warrior (F2),HP: 18,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy);Carrying  361 b.p.    Escaped the wrath of Thorxistaffy Blackbone #53
 71. Vustaffe shame of Vessforge, Selfish Naked-Gnarm Warrior (F2),HP: 19,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  176 b.p.    Disliked by Lackstump Twoheels #82
 72. Gobot Dragpalm, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Warlord (F14),HP: 114,AC:5[14],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  13 b.p. 132 e.p.
    Trained with ZaeinamPawormforge #95
 73. Triwu, Wicked Bearded-Man Slayer (F6),HP: 49,AC:-1[20],Wpn:1d6;Carrying  7 b.p. 76 e.p.
    Cousin of Chalblazenor #79
 74. ZilhoLittlepit, Honorable Naked-Gnarm Bruxamin (Mu1),HP: 7,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d4;Carrying  145 b.p.    Seeking Redtongue Irkstar #39
 75. Dragonpit Djoan, Honorable Naked-Gnarm Ravager (F3),HP: 25,AC:3[16],Wpn:1d4 (long, shoddy);Carrying  190 b.p. 47 e.p.
    A former thrall of Thorbarza #68
 76. TronliLittlemask, Wicked Pigmented-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 10,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  208 b.p.    A former thrall of Octwindli #81
 77. Panzhu McHarkhide, Selfish Hirsute-Man Armsman (F1),HP: 9,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy);Carrying  150 b.p.    
 78. Hollowlips, Wicked Illustarted-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 11,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy, articulated);Carrying  224 b.p.    Trusts Eaton Limpbulb #46
 79. Chalblazenor, Honorable Bearded-Man Armsman (F1),HP: 10,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d3 (shoddy);Carrying  132 b.p.    Knows a secret about Rawolf Madbones #6
 80. Ocalan, Honorable Naked-Gnarm Warrior (F2),HP: 20,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  293 b.p.    Served with Raxtigor #29
 81. Octwindli, Honorable Illustarted-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 12,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4 (long, shoddy);Carrying  157 b.p.    Owes money to Adalam Greybulb #1
 82. Lackstump Twoheels, Honorable Cyclopean Warrior (F2),HP: 20,AC:5[14],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  221 b.p.    Delivering money to Lackpate Ocaxi #59
 83. Gublazea Hotpate, Honorable Bald-Man Warrior (F2),HP: 18,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d2 (shoddy,articulate);Carrying  499 b.p.    Bears grudge towards Xorlamae #26
 84. Looseeye, Selfish Hark Scoundrel (T8),HP: 49,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4 (long, shoddy);Carrying  6 b.p. 55 e.p.   
 85. Waclam McVesspolis, Honorable Oolf Ravager (F3),HP: 27,AC:5[14],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy);Carrying  4 b.p. 45 e.p.  
 86. Riplips, Selfish Hirsute-Man Warrior (F2),HP: 19,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  296 b.p.    
 87. Pickknees Chidaildze, Selfish FurredMan Warrior (F2),HP: 17,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d3 (shoddy);Carrying  202 b.p.    
 88. Hobblecrown Nethdagram, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Urchin 0-level,HP: 4,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d6;Carrying  149 b.p.    Bears grudge towards Ocxinad #96
 89. Egzin, Selfish Pigmented-Gnarm Warrior (F2),HP: 18,AC:4[15],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy);Carrying  51 b.p.    
 90. Zodblor Limphead, Honorable FurredMan Armsman (F1),HP: 10,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d2 (shoddy,articulate);Carrying  87 b.p.    Companions of the cup with Olfoz #10
 91. Pickorb Wicdre of Sistaff, Honorable Naked-Gnarm Bruxamin (Mu1),HP: 8,AC:9[10],Wpn:1d3;Carrying  120 b.p.    
 92. Grolan, Honorable Bald-Man Bearer 0-level,HP: 2,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d6 (shoddy);Carrying  77 b.p.    Trained with Kali #65
 93. Colwe Whitetail, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Warrior (F2),HP: 19,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d6 (long,shody);Carrying  222 b.p.    
 94. XelialdiaCaberhearth, Selfish Naked-Gnarm Battlemaster(F9),HP: 76,AC:3[16],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  1 b.p. 82 e.p.
    Disliked by Spliteye Wathgan #19
 95. ZaeinamPawormforge, Honorable Oolf Vagabond 0-level,HP: 2,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d3 (shoddy);Carrying  176 b.p.    Companions of the cup with Raxtigor #29
 96. Ocxinad, Honorable  Armsman (F1),HP: 12,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  240 b.p.    Sibling of Halffoot slayer of  Lostdangle #21
 97. Ripdingle Zoblorle, Selfish Bearded-Man Ultimate Warrior (F18),HP: 148,AC:6[13],Wpn:1d6 (long,shody);Carrying  5 b.p. 187 e.p.
    Dislikes Eaworm Mc Brokentail #27
 98. Festerbones, Selfish FurredMan Armsman (F1),HP: 10,AC:8[11],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  40 b.p. 20 e.p.
    Has insulted Greenbulb #30
 99. Xalix Loststool, Selfish Scarred-Gnarm Armsman (F1),HP: 10,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d4 (shoddy);Carrying  199 b.p.    Trained with Xora #24
 100. Yomerze, Wicked Naked-Gnarm Guardian (F7),HP: 59,AC:7[12],Wpn:1d8;Carrying  31 b.p. 78 e.p.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Pick Your Abilities

Here's a crazy idea: what if players were free to pick and define the ability scores that would go to defining their characters? Not the score but the abilities themselves.

Let each player create at least two up to  maybe as a dozen ability scores. Have each one get a one line description and up to 3 game things that ability score can modify, with no more then 2 ability score allowed to overlap one game thing. This isn't a communal thing each player picks their own list of abilities. Have the players generate scores afterward.

You could end up with:
 Elfus the Fighter/Magic-user
Might 12 
Magic 14, +1 to hit with magic weapons, foes save vs spells at -1, +1 save vs magic

Aribel the Wanderer
Stature  9
Fitness 12
Courage 16, +2 to hit in melee, +2 save vs fear
Perception 14, +1 find secret doors/searhc for traps, +1 intiative
Stealth 11
Bushcraft 5, -2 tracking, -2 foraging 
Blather 13, +1 reaction roll, +1 minion morale, +1 distract

Fozworth The Fabulous
Presence  13, +1 to reaction rolls
Comeliness 14, +1 to reaction rolls
Voice 8, -1 to magic attacks
Grace 14, +1 to balance, climb, and dodge
Will Power 6, -1 to save vs spells, psionics, and temptation
Seduction 14, +1 to tempt others and distraction
Drinking 9
Legerdemain 12

Sure occasionally contests between characters and tasks may be difficult to arbitrate now and again but: DMing and Palyer roleplaying can meet somewhere in the middle. 
*Elfus and Fozoworth are having a foot race  it's a contest of Might vs Grace.
*Elfus and Aribel are having a debate in public in front of witnesses about locla politics, after the players do a bit of stumping for the crowd it could be resolved as contest beten the Might of Elfus (if the player thought to have his stumping intimidate the crowd with physical preference) vs the blather of Aribel who can string on endless streams of locution.
* A stout dungeon door needs to be opened. Elfus might see this as a test of Might, Aribel as a challeneg towards Stature and Fozworth may have to resort to picking the lock with Legerdemain.

I wouldn't mix this with a detailed skill system as skills players want can be worked in as an ability score or a modifier.

So what do you think?