Sunday, August 30, 2009

Notebook Dive: Swords of Tantoom

Digging through some notebooks revealed this page:
Swords of Tantoom

Planetary Romance.
High Men- civilized men

Amazons- matriarchal warrior culture

Pygmy- diminutive race of humans that dwell in remote undesirable locations.

Thron- Great, massive shaggy brutes. Noble but savage warriors.

Rhakne- inhuman 6 armed mammal/insectiod warriors. Can manage 3 normal weapons and 2 shields in combat. 1st strike is at full chance, 2nd at -2, 3rd at -3. they are more fragile and weaker then their fearsome appearance would convey.

Slorb- Bloated, spiked amphibians. Not trusted by all men.

Needle Guns - armed with toxins.
Rocket Rifles- different type of rocket charges.
Arming Sword, Saber. 1d8
Broadsword, Long Sword 1d10
War-Sword, Bastard Sword, Two handed Sword 1d12
Back-sword, Cutlass, short sword 1d6

Campaign ideas-
Random Canal Table


With all the recent Swords and Planets posts I've been seeing lately on Blogs I'm inspired.

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