Monday, August 10, 2009

On Boxed sets

Popular wisdom for RPG fans and companies say boxed sets don't sell to gamers? Gamers want big books and lots of them.

Oh really? What is it about ever shrinking sales figures of RPGs that supports this?

What about these stories ?,HOF-News-EasyGame06.article

There is a market for traditional and non-traditional "board games" and RPG publishers are missing out for some bizarre reason.


  1. I ended up buying Swordpaly and Spellcraft because of the limited Box set offer, so at least one customer agrees with you.

    (the fact that S&S turned out to be a good dame was just frosting.)

  2. i'm with you - i'd love to see MF or LL in a box for example. i imagine the production costs are quite steep for a little one man "out of his garage" type of company though.