Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the Service of The Quintus (Mutant Future play)

The party escaped the tunnels "beneath" the ziggurat after much difficulty upon discovering their map was rather flawed. The party had decided to offer allegiance and services to the Quintus and found themselves slightly rebuffed for the moment. The meeting with the Quintus was brief, he gladly accepted The Gamma Plasma Stone from the flatulent Desperados had them given purple headbands so they could travel safely in his territory and sent them on their way free to do as they wished with the notice "we may call upon you for aid in the future".

The party licking it's wounds returned to Fresh Pond and wisely avoided letting the locals in on what occurred out in the cinders. With the means they gains from a moderate bit of loot the party added A battle conditioned bloat to it's train of beasts and some fresh supplies.

The Quintus did not wait long before tasking his new found quislings with a mission. Through a gnarled acolyte concealed as a beggar they were tasked to travel to "Pleasant Valley Tech" and slip a disk given to them into the Master Control Computer secreted there.

The party easily hired boats to carry them and steeds across the river and spent a surprisingly pleasant evening in The Groves before moving on. One of the bloats was intoxicated by fungal miasma leaving the Groves but quick action on part of the party kept that from getting out of hand.

Outside the general location of Pleasant Valley Tech the party discovered a multi-layered ring of defenses. Mines, trip lines attached to explosives and nano-cameras that went unnoticed for a goodly amount of time. Passing through the killing field with surprising luck (only one Jackalope killed) the party came to a huge fence with a caged over top, traveling along that they found another section with a top that wasn't fenced over.
The party cut their way into the fenced area and discovered it to be populated by red bisons and packs of mini-Rex. A large and bothersome pack of the mini-rex predators were dodged at one point by the party dumping chunks of the jackalope that ran afoul of mines earlier. scouting revealed another fence between them and their goal.

After testing and a haphazard laser shot the party discovered the field past the fence and between their goal and them was occupied by a vast number of silvery sunflowers that retained and reflected light energy. The party waited until night and cut their way through the fence again and snuck across thanks to Craniax and his ability to manipulate light.

Past the sunflower field the party found a ditch with dirty water surrounding a hill which held a large wall with a faced built to look like ruined buildings from the distance. The faced proved easy to climb unfortunately for the party they discovered the security cameras just moments before three flying defense robots engaged the party. The defense robots undaunted by manipulation of visible light hammered the party. The newest member of the party, the android who served as an idol in the tunnels beneath the black ziggurat, was blown into hundreds of pieces in the first seconds of the engagement. Craniax and his ziggurat were grazed by shrapnel, the assassin android engaged one of the defense bots in flight with his katanna. Bobo and Craniax ran to the bloats and were guarded by the beasts bulk as they were hammered with autogun fire from tow of the defense bots overhead. They scurried into a culvert draining into the ditch as the assassin android lost his sword fight to auto cannon in the sky above them. Only 3 of the party survived hidden in the large pipe with the spidery a red dawg and a single jackalope.

Moving up the pipe Craniax and Bobo with the spidery snuck about the campus of the ancient college while invisible. With patience and luck they gained access to the information center.
Exploring the information center and dodging a defense bot the trio found their way to a poorly secured security monitoring station and manged to coax the spidery into incapacitating two guards with it's paralytic bite and captured a pair of dart guns before Craniax began to delve into the secrets of the computers there...

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