Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slaughter and fortune in the underworld

Tonight on Tekumel we had 2 character deaths .
On the first level of the dungeon while traveling the mapped route to the second level the party ran into a shape-changer that collapsed into a pile of rope like tendrils when defeated but not before claiming one of the parties fighters (the replacement for last sessions loss).

The party pressed on and discovered a small party of MUs on the second level and were able to overcome them quickly (thanks to surprising the MUs and being murderous) killing 2 and gaining an excellent ruby eye in the process. The MUs were escorting a warrior to be sacrificed in a temple of Vimuhla (hello PC replacement), the party negotiated his surrender for escorting them to the temple. The cleric of Avanthe in the party suspected the MU of being up to no good at one point and attempted to bashed the fellows brains in, the new member of the party was happy to aid his new found allies in dispatching the villain.

The party ran into a wickedly tough encounter on the second level of the underworld of three 8th level Ssu Magic-users, luckily the newly acquired excellent ruby eye was instrumental in defeating this overwhelming force. One of the parties warriors was slain by a wall of blades shortly after immobilizing 2 of the SSu with the excellent Ruby eye, prompting the party to flee while pursued by a single Ssu who fell to a lucky double roll of 20's (an instant kill).
Much wealth was gained from the looting of the Ssu. It was all almost quickly lost by an encounter with a party of Shen who also fell victim to the excellent ruby eye.

So two deaths and enough funds to buy a couple of slaves and rent a flat in the foreign quarter along with one steel item per PC being located for purchase (I was feeling nice).


  1. The players are bristling slightly at the old fashioned and harsh rules but a couple are slowly getting into the setting even as meager as I am presenting it.