Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taykoomel What's that?

Not getting my more traditional campaign into shape to my satisfaction just yet I decided to start an underworld crawling Empire of The Petal Throne mini-campaign to get some dungeon crawling action in but have it be a little different.

I whipped up maps for a 3 level section of the underworld beneath Jakalla using dungeon geomorphs from A Character For Every Game and a little bit of photoshop work.

I managed to place some temples and shrines to various gods on each of the levels of the underworld and get skeletal listings for all of level one and part of level two done before we started play.

I gave the players a quickie setup of Tekumel and the EPT to get the players focused, it seemed to work.

It took a surprisingly long time to roll up characters. A lot of time was spent selecting the small number of background and professional skills for the characters and buying initial equipment took a while. We ended up with one magic-user and three warriors in the party. One warrior is hideously ugly but no one ended up with an unplayable character.

It was getting late but we started the exploration of the underworld directly after character generation. The players managed to stumble about into the first few empty rooms and were starting to get bored when they discovered a secret trap door in a floor and the three warriors ventured on to discovered it led to a tight and low tunnel that lead into another room via trapdoor in a chamber occupied by a 5 HlutrgĂș that slammed the trapdoor down on the PCs who retreated a short way back the tight tunnel and they hesitated unsure what to do while the magic-user moved up to ready one of his meager spells to aid the party in a possible assault...

and we stopped there for the night.

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