Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mog Session 1

Tonight we rolled up characters for the Mog campaign. There were a couple snafus such as the printer decided it was time to run out of ink while trying to print three 8-page campaign primers which included the house rules and equipment charts.

The party as of the end of Session 1
Vistara, Red Amazon Acolyte-L1
The Gremlin, 1st level Black Pygmy Rogue-L1
Roric, 1st level Red Human Fighter-L1
Biko, 1st level Black Pygmy Fighter-L1
Beck, Red (Tattooed) Cyclops Fighter-L1
Norvan, Black Pygmy Assassin-L1
Triborn, White Human Magician-L1
Carrainna, White Amazon Zealot-L1
Darren, White Human Hunter-L1
Slandara, white Amazon Fighter-L1

I updated skill purchases and the related post: http://aeonsnaugauries.blogspot.com/2013/01/skills-and-player-character.html

To Do List: Edit the primer and get it printed. Include a table for beasts of burden and mounts. Headgear and Facial Hair tables look necessary as well.

Describing things as picaresque flash gordon/19th century victorianna/conan mash-up seems to be working.

One player really wanted to be a shaman and was convinced he could play a Zealot or Acolyte as if a shaman, thus we ended up with Carrainna the Amazon Zealot.

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