Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Session 2 on Mog

We just completed session 2 on Mog. The adventurers followed up on a rumor of three local low-life's having discovered what they thought to be an entrance to The Undercity of Mog. Tracking the lowlifes proved easy enough and led to a subterranean labyrinth paved in stones from ruins on the surface.

The first couple of chambers discovered were not promising all that was discovered was evidence others may have looted the area ahead of them, and the likely stair case deeper the party found themselves ambushed by a dozen albino rodents the size of dogs. Despite Roric and Beck being surprised the rest of the party quickly dealt with the creatures slaying them in but 2 rounds. Vistara's Gods decided she had cast Brilliant arc enough times in the day so she lost access to the spell. The rodents tracks were followed back to their lair where all that could be found was droppings and nesting.

Further but not too far from the encounter with rodents the party discovered a door with a broken lock pick. The Gremlin was unable to open the door with his talents so Beck the Cyclops Fighter smashed the door in alerting the occupants that rushed to combat: half a dozen mummified pygmies attacked.
This fight was quick as well with Beck suffering the brunt of attacks, but none of the party were seriously injured.

While everyone else was bandaging themselves or their allies Norvan stealthily searched the chamber tryign to find choice goodies dodging a falling block in the process but to no avail as the urns that had been in the room were smashed during the fight.

A Door was discovered behind a cracked plaster wall and among urns beyond containing dried up remains of ale and withered dry barley corns was found 200 Electrum Eagles a coin still in use after it's introduction sometime in the middle of the past millennium,

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