Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dungeon Stocking Table

To go along with recent posts here's a Dungeon Stocking Table that incorporates the features from said recent posts.

This table is designed for a fantasy dungeon of no defined original purpose where 25% of rooms could be empty. The dungeon features from earlier posts have a 25% chance of being present in a room, chamber or run of corridor, this could create a dangerous and difficult to navigate dungeon but even in a dungeon level with 100 rooms there is a lot of room for variety.

Dungeon Stocking Table (roll 1d1000)
1-250 Empty
251-255 Dungeoneer Cache
256-300 Unguarded Treasure
301-450 Monster
451-550 Monster and Treasure
551-580 Monster and Trap
581-600 Monster, Treasure and Trap
601-700 Trap
701-750 Trap and Treasure
751-790 Mural
791-820 Statue
821-822 Throne
823 Throne and Monster
824-835 Altar
836-845 Altar and Monster
846-850 Altar and Treasure
851-854 Doorways
855-900 Roots
901-925 Trapdoor
926-932 Fireplace
933-936 Fireplace and Monster
937-972 Fungus
973-976 Fountain
977-980 Fountain and Monster
981-985 Cauldron
986 Cauldron and Monster
987-991 Mirror
992-994 Stair
995 Stair and Monster
996-998 Pool
999-1000 Mist


  1. Any plans to put all this together in a pdf for off-line viewing?

  2. Yeah, a pdf omnibus would be awesome! Great table.

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  4. I've been enjoying this series, JD. I didn't realize it was building to something this grand!

  5. many thanks! this is an awesome series that I will use with gratitude

  6. Two more cents for a consolidated pdf!

  7. Definitely another vote for a PDF (though I went through all the links & copied 'em into a single document myself...)