Friday, January 6, 2012

Mapping- New England Rockwall trick

for mappers out there here's a simple trick I learned as a surveyor's assistant over 25 years ago. This method allows one to quickly draw (and or ink) rock walls.

One draws a bumpy or wavy line along the run of a wall and then repeats an alternating bump along the same run to produce an illustration of a rock wall that doesn't require one to draw a bunch of little ellipses.

Here's an example:

Draw the first line

Draw the second line

All done, you've got a rock wall.

One can easily create packed rubble walls with more jagged lines and blocks/bricks of masonry with squared off lines. Some of my walls in my last post were done with such a method.

I mostly use it to pretty up maps I have to look at frequently but different patterns can be used to convey meaningful information.


  1. Very nice! Thanks for passing the easy mapping tip along.

  2. Damn it man, I've doing archaeology for years and was never shown that trick. That's great for quickly capturing a lot of redundant information in a clear way. I must add this to the bag of tricks to impress undergrads. Thanks!

  3. Hope you all can get some use out of the trick.

    @spawn, and you didn't have to stand in a pond or rose bush holding a reflector nor run across a field carrying equipment worth more then your annual salary while being chased by cows.