Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That's the pepper!

In last nights game (the first in a couple weeks due to moving) the party of five bold adventurers found themselves hunting down "The Red Hairy Death" and they found it.

After climbing down several shafts the party found themselves on a ledge over a water of unknown depth a couple hundred feet underground in a large cavern and The Red Hairy Death found them.

It was massive and exploded out of a hole in the wall opposite their position and raced at them along the rough cavern walls. It was a great hairy spider, it body as large as a rhino and it's legs reaching far. It attacked them spraying strands of acidic webbing. It drew near but still out of touch of man-sized weapons when it lurched forward and snatched Thorgrim the dwarf from the ledge.

Out of range of an easy melee strike Dan Black lept off the ledge and at the gargantuan arachnid striking it once with his two handed sword before falling into the water beneath. This was all the chance Tasmetus needed to dispatch The Red Hairy Death with his magics and they day was won (following a bit of swimming).


I love that stuff when I'm DMing. Actual heroic action, seemingly ridiculous odds and a desperate gambit and it worked. Best of all Dan Black is played by my teen son so I was thrilled to see him having his character act in a daring and heroic manner. There was only a 50/50 chance of leaping far enough but the risk was taken (without the player knowing the odds) and it worked and luckily so did the weapon blow.

Leaping into the air to strike a gargantuan spider that has your dwarf companion in it's maw over a black body of water deep underground... that's the pepper indeed.

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