Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Wife's Box

During the move I rediscovered the box of D&D stuff my wife brought with her when we first moved in together.

The whitebox D&D set is a little beat up on the outside but the rulebooks inside are in great shape along with Greyhawk, Blackmoor and Eldritch Wizardry supplements. As I recall the OD&D set came along in a box of game stuff a female professor's mother gave her in college (which had some dice and grenadier miniatures also). I jokingly call the whole box her dowry.

A number of books also came from a random guy who dropped off a box of D&D stuff when he saw her playing in a coffee shop.

She's got another box of White Wolf Games products but I can forgive her for that ;-)


  1. If I put a picture of my wife's box on the web, she'd divorce me.

    That said, your wife has a nice box.

  2. All my wife brought to the marriage, was a couple of 2e hardcovers. :(

  3. With a post title like that, you should be getting some interesting traffic... ;)

  4. That is a great collection. At Al, haha.

  5. Wow. A DMG, Fiend Folio, and White Box D&D! I see why you married her. Though the WSG and DSG are a bit worrisome! Perhaps she went through a spot of rules fetishism, as so many did in the mid to late 80's? Or maybe THOSE are the books that random guy dropped off. :-)

    A box of White Wolf Stuff is no problem if it's just Street Fighter: The Story Telling Game, Hunter: The Reckoning, or Changeling: The Dreaming. All other WW is to be shunned! ;-)

    It's awesome to find lost/forgotten/misplaced things like this after a while; it brings back great memories. And of course, these very well may be useful for future gaming.

  6. One of the biggest fights we ever got in was over the 1st edition Bard and how the dual classing requirements worked. Not that we were playing an AD&D campaign at the time...

  7. If my wife told me that she played White Box D&D in her past I'd marry her ... again!

    But we're playing S&W Whitebox today, so all is well. She saw the light after all.