Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Visual Dungeon

A visual dungeon challenge?

There ya go, 20 minutes and a session of monster hacking treasure seeking.


  1. Sweet. Looks more than a little like something from Ultima IV.

  2. I think the monsters were based off an ultima graphics font (the dungeon was 20 minutes but I've had a file with the monsters for a long time).

  3. I like how I know exactly how many and what type of each monster at a glance. If players ran from one battle to another room I would immediately know what they were running into. I think that is a big thing I'm shooting for with this attempt at getting more info on the map.

    The keys seem interchangeable. and the treasures in each chest would have to be determined. This makes me think about, with these visual dungeons, how much the symbols are understood as is and how much they refer to data and subsystems that are "off page" but reusable.

    Was there anything you couldn't get on the map visually that you really wanted to? Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    1. Iock difficulty, I went with a single key for locked door. I didn't worry about what treasue was in the chests because the monsters are undefined and a dm can scale loot to how tough the monsters are.
      The pit trap symbol is certainly off page, on restrospet they shoold have some indication of harm suffered by victims.

  4. When is the group going to be in this ?

  5. Hey Tim, I'd lkely use this as an outpost somewhere away from the undercity. The cyclops here would be renegades as they are associating with boglins and mutants and would be the real danger.