Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ghouls to the left, ghouls to the right and a first level fighter stuck in the middle.

The MOG campaign is going hard on the PCs, yet another PC death in the last session. The ghouls are proving to be a real problem, so much of a problem there is currently a 30 silver shekel bounty per ghoul head, the PCs just couldn't stay away.

Uttley Tuttle (A human fighter with unimpressive scores) joined seven veteran adventurers and two hirelings. The first foray of the night against the ghouls went fairly well with six heads taken and bounties claimed, even if Beeko the pygmy had to be carried away after being paralyzed. Another adventuring party was met but no hostilities resulted (good reaction roll). The second foray did not go as well with the party fleeing a mob of a few dozen ghouls before returning hours later for more punishment.

The previous weeks recon was rewarding and gave the party optional access to raid the ghouls and got them into deep trouble. The party heard a voice coming from the dining hall , this attracted the parties attention drawing them into a battle with 15 odd ghouls waiting in ambush behind overturned tables. A fighting withdrawal to an adjacent tunnel proved useful but the fight was still hard with one adventurer dropped from wounds (but not slain) and two paralyzed, before the fight ended just in time to notice the howls of a ghoul mob drawing closer to them from the nearby corridors. The two paralyzed adventurers were rescued by the pair of zealots in the party but poor Uttley Tuttle was left behind under a pile of butchered ghouls while the party took flight.


The megadungeon is being cruel and unforgiving with 2 PC deaths in the past two sessions.

Multiple expeditions and  building up familiarity with the dungeon is paying off (sorta).

The players did use some tactics with two fighters with shields holding off the ghouls in a tight corridor while a pair of pygmies stabbed at them from between the warriors legs.

The treasure yield has been low and the players realize they have to go in deeper to find the goods, one player wondered if they might not do better robbing other dungeoneers, the same fellow also wondered if it might be possible to make a deal with the ghouls to guide others into ambushes  and split the loot from the victims guided to their doom.

The players noticed the ghouls were acting odd and might be guided by some outsider or more powerful entity... hmmmm, I wonder?

Curiously the party has a few black-powder firearms but didn't blast any off as they didn't want to make too much noise.

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