Sunday, August 11, 2013

Goings on in Mog

I Haven't posted about game play in my MOG campaign lately so here we go.

The party had found their way to the gates to The Lost River Kingdom. The gates are guarded by a town run by molemen who have made a lucrative trade guarding the gate and licensing the right to others to sell gear and service to miners and explorers. It costs two bronze groats to pass into the gates and enter The Lost River Kingdom, it costs 2 silver shekels to get back in.

The party has found comfortable  shelter in the Hall of Toads a barracks style boarding house run by the blue skinned Verus who charges a simple 10 silver shillings a week for stabling and boarding.
Some gold chains were bought by Maurice the mutant jeweler who seemed to take a liking to Vaelock an Corrianne.

The party, has made three forays into the very edge of The Lost River Kingdom (and the greater undercity which it is part of). Death has been a constant threat and while some loot has been gathered the offerings have so far been pretty meager close to the gates.

In the first expedition not much harm came to the adventurers and not much loot was gained in the graffiti strwen and well gleaned halls near the gates. Some rodents of unusual size, quick growing fungus and a gang of dungeon bandits offered limited challenge.

On the second expedition while delving into an area dominated by graffiti featuring snakes and ladders e Slendara the Amazon was slain by a poisoned spear wielded by the leader of a group of bandits that the party tangled with multiple times in a twisty and trapped section of corridors. The bandit leader escaped by use of smoke pellets and knowledge of secret passages the party has yet to find. Despite the loss the party was able to rout the remainder of the bandits but gained little for it.
Delving just slightly further in the tunnels found the party doing battle with a small pack of ghouls they beat in a clumsy fight before exiting back through the gates.

While resting in the Hall of Toads Triborn the Magician finally decided to tamper with tone of the metallic headbands the party retrieved from a flying saucer weeks back. Putting the headband on had granted one of the party members limited knowledge of super-science and a greater intelligence. Alas oor Triborn gained no ready boons as he found him self paralyzed and was witnessed to being drawn up into the sky by a beam of blue light; he hadn't stopped to consider his fellow had tried the original headband on while they were exploring the inside of the flying saucer.

After resting and regaining courage the party decided they would explore the section of tunnels they had done battle with the ghouls earlier. This short foray was almost the ruin of the party as the ten adventures and 2 hirelings were almost overwhelmed by the initial onslaught of the ghouls who quickly  paralyzed front line fighter before moving on to do battle with the soft squishy middle of the party. Melvin the hireling fighter thinks less of his master Nervon after seeing the imp begin to flee before regaining courage and staying with the fight. At the end of the fight the party was victorious but Gremlin, Beekom Sheo, Rrric and Darren had all been paralyzed by ghouls (which curiously didn't' attempt to feed on the hapless vicitms). Corrianne was able to revive the paralyzed while suffering only a little fatigue but the party felt it wise to retreat to civilization to recover from their wounds.

PC loses so far:
Triborn abducted by the flying saucer men (might not bee dead but he'll be gone for decades at best).
Slendara the Amazon stabbed by a poisoned spear held by a lieutenant of a dungeon gang.
Beck the Cyclops Fighter slain by a vampire.

Foes slain so far:
12 Giant Albino Rodents
10 Green Glowing Skeletons
at least 30 Boglings.
26 Ghouls
2 Trolde
1 Medusa
1 Vampire
2 Saucer men
4 Giant Forest Sloths
12 Red shark-toothed Amazons.
2 Bog Bears
1 Sword Wraith2
3 Bandits
8 Ruffians

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