Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Danger, Morlocks"

The other night we had a short turnout for the the MOG campaign just 2 players showed to delve into the edge of the undercity. Five went in and four returned.

Darren the Hunter, Grim the Assassin, Corrianne the Zealot and Bite-Me the Zealot (yeah "bite-me"..sigh) along with the henchman Brukk went scouting out the area they had met ghouls in the past and easily discovered entrance deeper into the tunnels thanks to a trapdoor revealed by an obvious blood-trail.

The ghoul haunted halls on this (sub)level were much narrower then the halls in the level above.  On the periphery of this region there was a curious circular chamber sporting a well of sorts with a metal ladder descending into even deeper into the depths with a warning sign that read "Danger Morlocks", the party noted the draft being pulled into the well but chose to leave exploring this route to a future expedition. Amusingly neither of the two players knew what a Morlock was... one is 17 the other 45, both players hassled me for what a morlock was and I repeated time and again, if you guys don't know what a morlock is your character sure as heck don't.

Journeying past the sign and well the party followed their noses and the scent of rotting flesh deep into the ghoul territory looking for a larder and discovered a dining hall.  There was but a single ghoul in the hall snacking on a human femur digging the marrow out of the bone and the cruel creature was quickly dispatched. The party went exploring the twisting tunnels near the dining hall discovering a ladder up , Grim was sent along to discover more with stealth and found a chamber of four ghouls that chased him back to the dining hall where battle was joined by all.  Darrren fell quickly (but was not slain), Grim was paralyzed by the many scrapes he suffered and would have been carried along but alas he couldn't be as the party hat to beat a retreat as a goodly sized mod of over a dozen ghouls was descending on the dining hall.

Thanks to the ladder discovered leading out of the ghoul tunnels the party found themselves up and away barricaded behind a stout door for near to half a dozen hours while the pack baying and crashing against the door diminished. The few persistent ghouls were beaten and the party made haste to the public gate while a growing mod of ghouls gave chase.


One more PC death and a route to tunnels occupied by morlocks.

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