Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Further Adventures On Mog

Playing on Mog is going well. We had a PC death recently and yjr players have moved beyond the initial dungeon they have been raiding.

The party had spent several sessions hunting tangling with twisted vampire and it's medusa courtesan, The players have learned  potion of medusa blood and snake hair venom will act to reverse being stoned by a medusa, a life saver for three members of the party. The vampire was a difficult target served by a small cadre of undead and a tribe of boglings but ti was tracked time and again until the party defeated it in combat; alas as the vampire spirit fled it's remains it possessed Beck the Cyclops warrior who was quickly dispatched  by his companions before vamping out entirely.

Having successfully pillaged the vampire's dungeon the pygmies in the party successfully petitioned the party to head into the thorn forest on a quest for materials to mix fresh and more effective poisons. A couple day trip found the party in a wood cutters village allowing them to discover a route to a yellow pygmy village.

The party befriended the yellow pygmies who have proven to be friendly and agreeable hosts. One of the party PCs has found himself with company of yellow pygmy women (he doesn't realize one of them will be his future bride at this point). The party is engaging the pygmies to aid them in tracking down giant forest sloths to make sloth hide armor and gear to allow safe exploration of the thorn forest.

One morning heading out on the hunt a great streak in the sky was seen on the sky and a massive explosion was heard in the distance. The party rushed to the impact site hoping to find fragments of meteor metals, they were surprised by what they found buried in an impact crater: a 100' diameter silver shield.

The shield revealed itself to be a massive unusual vessel. The party discovered two grey deformed pygmies in tight silver garments and bulbous heads dead in a chamber surrounded by benches festooned with unusual colored crystals. Fiddling with the crystals caused a hand symbol to appear on a wall; Slendara smashed one in the head to make sure it was dead for sure to use it's hand to open the door. For some odd reason the grey pygmies were stripped of their garments by the party to discover what sex they were (really...go figure), one was redressed to be dragged around to serve as a key to open the hand-print locks.

Odd metal bands were discovered and one of the PC' pygmies put one on his head, knocking him out. He was picked up and carried along until he was woken by the telepathic screams of a pair of living greys. The party tried to make peace with the greys who summoned an silver armored warrior that fought with paralyzing rays. Two party members and a henchman failed to escape the saucer and were subjected to a vast array of graphic and embarrassing test before being ejected with all their equipment except for the armor and clothing they were wearing while captured.

Giant sloth hunting has proven to be difficult. The hides of the giant tree sloth are very tough but if one surprised it they may strike it in a tender hard to reach location in hopes of inflicting a wound in it's most tender of spots. So far one of the beasts has been slain by the party, one got away.