Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ultimate Mutant Adventures!

The harried mutant master has gained a useful set of tools for random adventure generation thanks to wizardawn. It's a set of adjustable generators for ruined cities, large modern/futuristic buildings, star-ships and colony ark-ships. I've already put the ruined city one to use myself.

Each one can be set to a custom game from Wizardawn (Broken Urthe), Mutant Future or Classic Post-Apocalypse. It's possible to adjust type of currency, levels for the adventure, what sized HD the game uses (in some cases), the size of the entire map is adjustable by number of tiles used. One can set the first most likely occupant and second most likely occupant alog with the chance of "visitors" from surrounding terrain, along with a number of probabilities for occurrences of traps, loot, and  enemies. There is some minor variation between each style.

It's a very useful tool for any ref and certainly worth utilizing.
The link: , this takes you to Wizardawn's RPG page. The Ultimate Mutant Adventure is in the list of Generators, one of many sets of tools so generously available on that site.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to the Ruins

Our latest Tuesday night game found four daring scavengers delving into the ruins of the Mutant Future. Two veterans from the Mutant Box campaign Izzy (pure human)and MechaUnit 127 (android) were joined by Tom a (pure human) and Felix the Tiger (mutant animal). Service to the Quintus is long behind the ruin roamers and the high-tech enclave they were raiding happily escaped long ago the characters found themselves exploring an extensive set of ruins.

The ruins are proving to be looted and used many times over since the great war, the robot-rebellion, and the psychic wars. The pickings have proven to be better then expected with the party finding a couple of caches of Uranium and some crossbow quarrels where they didn't expect them. Savage rats of no more than a foot long charged the party when they were leaving one ruin but were easily delt with fleeing after the death of one raucous rodent. The party later decided agaisnt exploring the upper story of another building when they spied at least a hundred bats sheltered through a hole in the floor above them.

Deeper into the ruins a party of coyote-men were spooked off of a rich looking multi-story ruin. The party was almost caught with their pants down splitting up a back pack on of the coyote-men had dropped when they were assaulted by a trio of naked skin sealers who had descended from the floor above. This fight saw Izzy deploying his vibro-dagger and mechaunit 127 had to discharge his plasma pistol 4 times to dispatch the foes. The fight and exploration ended there for the night.

It was fun playing Mutant Future again and the players are eager to play for a while ("let's play a whole campaign","I forgot how much liked this").
I'm using a lightly edited ruined city generated here :