Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Darn You DCC

Character funnel ... oh yeah, if the players are a bunch of unlucky rubes. I ran my group through the introductory DCC scenario and 14 out of 20 zero level schleps managed to survive the adventure.
I've now got 14 1st level characters on my hands. I should have expected it the sample introductory scenario isn't too far removed from some of my own endeavors (aside from being skimpy overall) so my veteran players with decades of experience and even the two kids who have been playing with us for years pulled through losing 1 character each, only the newbie lost two characters.

Tonight I'm letting them boost all those characters to 1st level with... a "one year later" scenario. I'd initially planned on 5-10 characters...

Yes Wizardawn, Yes.

Hello, sorry for the public comment, I liked what I saw and eagerly await what may follow. Feel free to use the graphics for a project on your website all I ask is a mention/credits for what I contribute (which you've done) and a head's up so I can take a peek at what you've done (not that I'd be likely to miss it I enjoy your site very much).