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Move Cost: 8;    Search Cost: 12; Riding: -4

swamps of vile grey vegetation struggling in quaking bogs of muddy ash.

Ashbog Hazards

2d6 roll




Bog Tentacles

1d4 Tentacles attacks party. ATK +4.  Drags small under water in following round, medium after 2, large can only be dragged under in 3 rounds by 4 tentacles. AC 7. Severed if they take 4 or more points in a single blow.  Nobidy knows where these come from, they seem to be flesh buy melt away in moments.


Sulphur Mist

Double Chance of wandering monster encounters until clothing is cleaned.


Surprise Deeps

Oops that wasn’t just a puddle. Might drown if you don’t have swim skill or are encumbered.


Ash Crunge

The micky ash starts to dry weighing you down. Need to abandon armor or clothing if it can’t be washed off with soap or vinegar.


Bog Carpet

Stilts let you ignore this. Hlalfings and Elves can walk on this safely. Men and dwarves must save each minute.  2-12 minutes to cross




Thin Bog Carpet

Ooops…. Anyone but an unencumbered halfling has to save or they sink under. Stilts +2 to save.2-12 minutes to cross.


Stinging Mist



Bog Wallow

Oh no…. Make STR ability or get stuck.  Muck Shoes give +4 to save. Bog Stilts resist this. After 3 minutes victims sink and drown.


Boiling Muck

1d4 round if wading. Will shoot 1 in 6 each round save vs ray or suffer 1d4+1 damage.



Huge many legged BOG WHALE. Just stay away and watch out for feeding dragons.






Muck Shoes

35 sp

Changes move cost to : 5, search 10. Move rate in encounters is always at encumbered speed or worse.

+2 to save vs getting stuck or sinking.

Bog Stilts

50 sp

20’ long bog walking stilts. Move cost : 6, Search 9. Mover rate is encounters is ½ normal speeds.

+3 to save vs getting stuck or sinking.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


 Here's a terrain type as it currently appear in my draft notes for my Outlaws of The Dragonwrack campaign.

Move cost is from a daily total of points qual to the movement rate of a party. Search Cost is how many move points are spent searching within the terrain type as opposed to simple travel. Riding is the difficulty rating of long distance riding or trying to go faster than a walk (if a die roll ever comes up for that).

Costs for equipment are listed in SP as the campaign is using a "silver economy"


Move Cost: 10;  Search Cost: 15; Riding: -5

 Hils and mountains broken into great shards of stone cutting all who stride and swallowing those that fall.

Shardscarp Hazards: Roll each square crossed or for every 4 hours of searching







A massive cascade of avalanche and splintering debris. All take 2d8 damage, Save vs Rays for ½ damage. A 1 on the save inflicts blindness as per a Splinter Burst (no extra save). Any one with skill in Shardscarp Survival will give their allies a +2 to their save , and will lead everyone to a safe spot on a 20 on their roll so suffcesful saves result in no damage.


Splinter Chasm.

The planned route is blocked by a chasm 2d4x5 ft wide and 2d100 ft deep! Falling in causes 1d8+1d6 per 10’ .  Travel cost is doubled unless everyone can get over the chasm in some other way.


Dragon Boulders

Lot’s of large spikey rocks. Not dangerous typically but they do increase move cost by 50%.


Shrike Gravel

Similar to Razor Chaff but no save needed if footwear is VeryFine or better.


Shard Plates

Massive long plates of rock. Not dangerous unless there  are tremors. A good spot for ambushes.


Razor Chaff

Footwear attacked. Save as vs Petrify w/DEX ADJ for boots/shoes worn.  Failed save damages boots 1 step. If a 1 is rolled 1 point of damage is suffered. If barefoot a any failed save inflicts 1 pt of damage.


Shard Pit!

A  shard pit rips opens up under travelers feet 1d4x10ft deep. Save VS death with DEX ADJ or PCs has fallen in pit. Taking 1d8+1d8/10ft.

Roll 1d8 to see who is possible victim: 1-3 Front of Party;4-6 Middle of Party; 7-8 Rear of party.

A dwarf  among  a part of a party will be able to notice and warn allies moments before, giving them all a +4 to save.

Being tethered to allies also provides a +4 save vs falling into a Shard Pit.


Aerial Predator

Random Encounter with Aerial Predator


Curious Pit

There is an unmapped pit here. Easy to avoid. ROLL ON WILDERNESS PITS table if explored.


Splinter Burst

The ground whines and BOOM! A spray of hot shards sprays 1d6: 1-2 front of party,3-4 middle of Party,5-6 rear of party. Make as vs Breath adding DEX plus shield bonus and stun bonus for helmets, or suffer 1 pt of damage and be blinded for 2-5 days. An eyewash attempt (an unskilled surgery) can clear up the blindness ahead of time… but be warned a 1 on a d20 check will inflict an extra 1pt of damage and add 2 days to the blindness



Save vs Death or suffer 1d3 attacks from falling shards. +4 vs ac for 1d9 damage each. Elves and Dwarves will notice these coming moments before giving all allies in party a +4 to save vs falling shards.


Shardscarp Search Table






Adamant Splinters

 A clump of rough adamant containing maybe  2d4 measures of Adamant Ore embedded in a large stone shard. 1d6 for quality: 1-Duff,2-Shoddy,3-Bodge,4-5-Regular,6- Good.  Need tools of quality or better than the deposit, bungled attempts will result in Adamant Dust be collected as opposed to ore.


Melch Pot

Bubbling up near where a large shard breaks the soil one finds 3d4 gallons will ooze out here for the next 3d6 days.  Might be possible to mine to a deeper reservoir.


Ludden Vein

A VEIN of Ludde Ore.


Sparking Stone

Very Fine components for fire making kits. 3d6 measures.


Quarry Site

Stone here is exceptional, Very Good Quality Building Stone, 2d4 blocks a day possible.


Dragonrock Vein

A VEIN of Dragonrock is discovered.


Yellow Pit Fungus

1d4 measures Shoddy Fungus from Winter to Summer. 2d4+4 measures Good Fungus in Autumn. Be careful it grows at the bottom of pits 2d6x10 feet deep.


Dove Roost

Roost of Crag Doves. Eggs can be collected in spring (2d6+12 portions). May be possible to hunt/catch as many as 2d6 doves before the remainder escape. Peaceful contact with the doves will give 20% chance to avoid hostile encounters in space for the next day.


Map Feature

Find Feature Noted on Map.


Shardscarp Equipment




Shard Clogs

20 sp

Ignore Shrike Gravel. +2 to save vs Razor Chaff

Splinter Goggles

25 sp

+2 to save vs Splinter Burst (-2 or 10% penalty to see)

Net Pole

15 sp

For catching flying birds

A PC for Outlaws of The Dragonwrack

 One of the players for my upcoming campaign has created his first PC and sent him along to me.

Dalgran Fireale DWARF CLERIC;  KIN: Stonelander Dwarf;  Religion: Celestial; Languages: Common; Dvargir

 SKILLS: Expert Healing- knowledge of first aid techniques and application of medications all the way to surgery. (+1 to skill checks) 

Herbalism- knowledge of herbs and herbal concoctions.

 Alchemy- ability to identify and brew potions.

 Runecraft- knowledge of runes required to invoke their power and inscribe runes. Brewing- ability to brew mundane beverages.

EQUIPMENT: Knife, Mace (1D8; WSF: 7), Sling (1D4; 30/60/90; WSF: 9) ,Scale armor (AC 14) Shield (AC +2), Ale (1 quart), Dry Rations (1week), Bandages (12) ,Torches x6 ,Blanket, Waterskin-2 quarts, Holy Symbol, Pouch x2

The color for the armor is great as the default metal for equipment purchase is Verdin (a greenish metal similar in properties to brass and bronze but a bit better at keeping an edge.)


I didn't include stats just in case the player wants to keep those secret for now. Other players would be quick to see his equipment.  

Hmmm.... I just noticed no clothing, I'll have to send the player a message.

Who dwells within The Dragonwrack?


Exiles, for even the Dragonwrack is not entirely beyond the reach of The Overlord and those his law do not break or enslave are sent here to endure. Fugitives that have fled the wrath of The Overlord and his minions struggling as best they can. The Forgotten, folk that endured The Dragonwrack for centuries. The daring who would exploit this wild land seeking mysteries of the past and treasures of old. The orphan kings of a hundred lands ruling petty holdings, some plotting their return to greatness others wishing to live in memories and dreams of grandeur. Lastly of course there are those bandits, brigands, and pirates who secret within The Dragonwrack to venture out and pillage the wider world.

The listing above is just a very general categorization of the wide range of outcasts and misfits one may find among the outlaws of The Dragonwrack.  There are a host of factions to be found throughout the land including the remnants of The Sword Saints, The Cult of Xaith, and The Grey Legion. The Sword Saints were a once honored order of knights that defended the celestial realms against the forces of darkness in service of The Lords of Light but they fell into exile for locking away treasures of The Old Kingdoms for their own selfish use, The heretical Cult of Xaith was forced out of all decent lands and hated by The Overlord himself but it festers conducting untold rituals in service of chthonic gods, The Grey Legion is composed of conscript criminals unfit for service of The Overlord in the subject empires.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Introductory Note on Dragons

Of Dragons.

Dragons the great wurmmes of the earth once swarmed the world in vast flights scouring the lands of all it could produce feeding upon the populations of the old world as a wild beasts set upon untended flocks. There are still solitary wurmmes and the occasional fledlging nest bursting forth with ravenous hatchlings but these are relatively rare (compared to the daysof The Dragon Plague) and save for the lairs of the greatest Auld Wurmmes targets of thieves and dragon-hunters. The Forgotten craft arms and armor from the hides and bones of dragons and the decadent courts of the subject empires wonder at the broken remains of the old kingdoms scorched and polluted by dragonbreath.

Even with a trade in dragon hides and egg shards all but the most foolhardy dragon-hunters fear the Aulde Wurmmes known by the names of Iminbyr the Crimson, Slank the Sable Stalker, Raniverous the Viridescent, Pyraximus the Cerulean, and Milk-eyed Shashimyr.


Straight out of my player's primer. More setting flavor and naming four of the biggest threats and surely guardians of the largest treasure hoards.

Campaign Pitch

 Here's the campaign pitch for my latest campaign:

They came with shriek one summer day as a plague of locusts, their cries were deafening; their breath burnt the air as it boiled the sea and poisoned the soil and polluted the waters all the nations of the world broke that day, all the people felt the hunger of the dragons.

Now centuries later the dragons have retreated into mountain aeries and deep tunnels and the peoples of the are rediscovering the world that was and building the world that will be. Tribes of disparate lands had built fledgling nations beholding to petty kings but there were none that could truly oppose the might of The Overlord and his vast legions. So, it is such that The Dragonwrack, the part of the world most ruined by the plague of dragons, has become a land of fugitives, exiles, and criminals each set to play out the story of their lives among the outlaws of The Dragonwrack.


Some old notes on at least two different versions of the same general setting have appeared on the blog earlier... so of course this is another one. 

A Month? It's been a month?

 Reality snuck up and stole a month. Luckily it didn't steal all of it and I got a chance to DM for a new crew of players lined-up. My wife re-connected with an old school friend who had a group of RPG players that had lost their GM recently and was lamenting about not playing... my wife knowing I was working on a new campaign has hooked us all up. So I've gone from a pool of 1-3 players to 5-10 players! 

I'll get some more posts on Dragon Fist up here eventually, but they are getting bumped by notebook posts for my campaign "Outlaws of The Dragonwrack".