Monday, April 29, 2024

Deep Spores (Monster, BFRPG)

 Deep Spore

Armor Class 11

Hit Dice 1/2

No. of Attacks special

Damage special

Movement 20'

No Appearing 1-4(2-8)

Save As Normal Man

Morale fearless

Treasure Type NIL

XP Varies... yeah I'm being a stinker here. 

Deep spores are knobby leathery globes 2-5 feet in diameter sporting at least one large eye spot that float about the dark deep underground realms and caves. They appear to hover as would a balloon but some are too heavy for this so sages speculate they poses a levitational ability. Different populations of Deep Spores react to different stimulus and when harmed of over stimulated will burst often hampering or harming those nearby. They are immune to all illusions except those of their specific stimulus which they will save vs at -4.

Stimulus- These Deep Spores are drawn to... (pick one or roll 1d8)

1-2 Noise, these deep spores will be drawn to any noise greater than the ambient environment

3-4 Light, these deep spores will be drawn to the brightest light source within 300'.

5-6 Heat, drawn to anything warmer than the natural surroundings. Body heat will be enough in many dungeons. 

7 Movement, these deep spores will be drawn to anything moving 10' a round or quicker.

8 Magic, these deep spores will be draw to spell cast at a distance up to the spell level x 100', permanent magical items will only draw their attention if brought within 60'.

An attack on a Deep Spore that reduces it to 0 HP will cause it to explode.

Explosion will cause...(pick or roll 1d20)

1 Yammering, these deep spores talk confusing anyone they come within 20' of. If they explode anyone within that distance will be frightened if they fial a save and be compeled to run away for the next 2-5 rounds.

2 Sneezing Dust, a 20' diameter cloud of sneezing dust will fill the air, those exposed and fail a saving-throw vs poison will be overcome with sneezing, unable to move more than 1/2 speed and incapable of spell-casting, hiding, or moving silently due to constant sneezing for 2-20 minutes. The dust will linger for 1-10 minutes (a save is only required on initial exposure per explosion).

3 Itching Powder, a 20' diameter burst is coated in a dust that forces those present to save or be distracted by constant annoying itching (-4 to all actions while suffering for 2-20 minutes). The dust remains bothersome to the area if covers fort the next hour (but saves are +2 after the initial explosion)

4 Sleep Dust, a 20' diameter burst of spores fills the air causing anyone that breathes them in to save vs poison or fall asleep for 2-5 hours. Only the initial explosion is risky. 

5-6 Paralytic Mist, a fine mist spray out filling a 20' area that will cause paralysis to those exposed and fail a saving throw for the next 1-4 hours.

7-8 Petrifying Dust, a chalky dust billows forth that will cause flesh exposed to turn to stone for the next 2-12 hours if a saving throw fails.

9-10 Thunderburst, a loud an sudden boom will cause those within 60' to be bowled over and deafened for 1-4 hours (small beings in the area will be thrown away up to 20'). The boom can be heard up to 2000' feet away but isn't hazardous outside of 60'.

11-14 Poison Gas, a 20' diameter cloud of poison gas is released. The cloud will be hazardous for 2-12 rounds. Each round of inhalation will cause 1-6 points of damage if a save is failed.

15 Blinding Flash, in a 60; radius any facing the exploding deep spore must save vs rays or be blinded for 3-30 minutes

16 Acid Spray, a 10' diameter burst of acid coats all that fail a save in a foul acid that will cause 2-4 points of damage per round for the following 2-5 rounds unless it is washed off.

17 Explosive Shrapnel, an attack as if from a 4HD monster is made against all within 40' causing 2-16 points of damage on a hit.

18 Rust Mist, a spary of caustic liquid will cause those that fail their save and don't get the goo washed off within 2 rounds to see their armor and weapons in hand to rust away, sheathed weapons will be at risk in 4 rounds, an items in regular baggage have a 33% chance of rusting after 6 rounds. A quart of vinegar will neutralize the goo on one person. Full immersion in water will also wash it away.

19 Fireball, explodes in 10' radius causing 3d6 damage , save for 1/2 damage.

20 Lightning Burst, explodes in a burst causing 2d8 to any within 10' radius(save for 1/2 damage).... BUT if related spores are within 40' a lighting arc will be thrown to them causing them to explode in turn exposing all close by and between the location of both deep spores. -2 to save if holding a conductive weapon, -4 to save if wearing metal armor. Each arc and each burst causes 2d8 damage.

Anyone slain within the radius of a Deep Spore has a 33% chance of being infected and if their remains aren't properly treated they will sprout 1-4 mature spores (of the same variety) in 2-7 days (the infection is noticeable within half that time as the deep spores grow)


These are a variation of the classic Gas Spore. They came up on a Facebook post and I realized I've never posted this. Note: their having more than 1 HP keeps players on their toes.