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Hyperborean goods, loot, and treasure

100 goods, loot, and treasure of frigid hyperborea.
  1. Completely intact bog mummy.
  2. Powdered bog mummy lashings.
  3. Intact Frigid Mummy.
  4. Mostly intact sun-dried frigid mummy.
  5. Frigid mummia preserved in ice.
  6. Frigid mummia suspended in oil.
  7. Salted frigid mummia.
  8. Powdered frigid mummia.
  9. Shrunken head of ancient magus.
  10. Pickled head of ancient antagonist preserved in vinegar.
  11. Shrunken elven mummy wrapped in copper wire.
  12. Gnomish mummy floating in brine.
  13. Large chunk of rough amber.
  14. Pebbles of rough amber.
  15. Great polished amber orb.
  16. Leather bag of polished amber marbles.
  17. Imp suspended in rough amber.
  18. Fairy trapped in polished amber.
  19. Ivory cage holding miniature dragonette encased in amber.
  20. Dragon’s Drop, a drop of blood encased in a polished amber orb.
  21. Amber candleholder with an entombed ancient wasp.
  22. A preserved raven claw holding a polished amber stone.
  23. A boline of leviathan bone with insets of amber.
  24. A bronze cloak-pin set with an amber stone.
  25. An amber rod, meant for medicinal/alchemical work.
  26. Amber circlet meant to crown a hyperborean jarl.
  27. Amber wand inscribed with elder runes.
  28. A small clay pot if draconic liquamen.
  29. A large jar of kraken garum.
  30. A fine glass bottle full of clear garum.
  31. A tiny silver jar filled with draconic liquamen.
  32. A small pot of surströmming (soured herring). This fermented fish dish best opened and eaten outdoors.
  33. A cask full of brined hákarl cut into cubes ready to serve (Fermented rotten shark).
  34. A decorated seal skin stuffed with kiviak (fermented auk).
  35. Amphor of fesikh (fermented salted mullet and mugil).
  36. A cask of bullion cakes.
  37. A decorative clay jar full of powdered kashk (dried yogurt).
  38. A lapis amphor filled with spiced kashk.
  39. Decorative cask holding two quarts heart-of-wine.
  40. Antique clay jug filled with kumis (fermented mare’s milk alcohol).
  41. A large horse-hide bladder filled with kumis.
  42. Glass flask of mead.
  43. A clay pot of honey.
  44. A golden yeti scalp  (from the rare summer coat of a young yeti).
  45. A preserved yeti paw. Considered a luck charm until a yeti spies it.
  46. A complete yeti hide decorated in ancient hyperborean pictographs.
  47. A shaman’s mask made from a skinned yeti head.
  48. A shrunken yeti’s head containing a small supply of chthonic salts.
  49. A yeti fur cloak.
  50. A complete walrus tusk.
  51. A walrus tusk heavily decorated and engraved with runes, meant to be a jarls scepter.
  52. A chess set carved from walrus ivory.
  53. Ceremonial mask carved from walrus ivory.
  54. Walrus ivory hyperborean prayer charm.
  55. Mammoth Ivory tusk.
  56. A seal skin bag holding pieces of mammoth tusk ivory.
  57. Wonderfully carved mammoth ivory knife handle.
  58. Figurine carved from mammoth ivory.
  59. Whale ivory cane.
  60. Whale ivory stirrups.
  61. A pair of whale ivory knitting hooks.
  62. A coat of whale ivory “scale” armor.
  63. A sealskin coat with ivory buttons.
  64. A pair of sealskin boots.
  65. A bundle of seal skins.
  66. Sealskin cape
  67. Ice bear cape with bear-head hood.
  68. Ice bear cloak.
  69. Complete Ice bear hide.
  70. Ice bear skull etched in hyperborean runes.
  71. Elk hide.
  72. Pile of elk antlers.
  73. Shaman’s elk-head headdress.
  74. Ceremonial antlered crown.
  75. Belt of linked cuts of antler.
  76. Goat hide.
  77. Fancy goat-cart.
  78. Goat collar with silver bells.
  79. Rune carved goat skull holding a set of stone runes.
  80. A fine goat-skin bag with as set of ivory divining sticks.
  81. Lump of moon-iron (meteoric iron found on the icy hyperborean plains and frozen seas.
  82. Moon-Iron ingot
  83. Antler-handled moon-iron knife.
  84. Steel sword with moon-iron inlay.
  85. Bronzed-faced wooden shield.
  86. Gilt bronze-faced wooden shield.
  87. Fancy Bronze helmet with ivory and amber inlays.
  88. Gilt bronze shield boss.
  89. Silver belt buckle with ivory and amber inlay.
  90. Vest of silver and gold coins sewn to elk hide.
  91. A pair of silver arm-rings with simple decoration.
  92. Decorated silver bowl.
  93. A pair of fancy silver dress pins.
  94. Set of fancy wooden bowls and cups.
  95. Boar-headed brass horn decorated with silver inlay.
  96. Two pounds in bits of foreign silver flatware.
  97. Ivory flute with golden inlay.
  98. Gold braided ring.
  99. Fancy drinking horn with silver inlay.
  100. Silver scrying bowl decorated in hyperborean runes.

No values given as the hyperboreasn don't put price tags on their goods everything is bartered, a DMshouldn't have much trouble figuring out sp/gp values that fit their own campaign.

A frigid mummy is aged remains of someone caught out in the cold and frozen. 

Mummia is strips of mummy tissue used in magic and medicine.

The hyperborea I'm writing this for is an extoic and wild frozen north on the edge of savagery.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Grotty Food and Drink

Drinking, eating , and smoking are not without hazard in a Grotty Age,
Grotty Food
Duff:  save at -4 or suffer bad cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea no rest or natural healing allowed this day.
There is a 33% chance the character is exposed to a disease. Consuming this ration doesn’t count as having eaten for the day.
Shonky: save at -2 or suffer bad cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea no rest or natural healing allowed this day.
There is a 20% chance the character is exposed to a disease. Consuming this ration doesn’t count as having eaten this meal.
Bodge:  save or suffer cramps or possibly worse allowing no natural healing for the day.
There is a 10% chance the character is exposed to a disease.
Fit : there is no hazard at all in consuming this food.
Brill: there is no hazard at all in consuming this food. You can get by on 2 (instead of 3) meals a day eating food of this quality
Ace: This food is excellent. If eating Ace quality food all day natural healing is doubled. You can get by on 1 meal day eating food of this quality.

Exposing your rations to demon spit, dragon ichor, necropolis miasma, and a host of other dungeon funk can cause the food to downgrade on exposure.
Duff food will rot into inedible filth.
Shonky and Bodge will downgrade 4 in 6 times.
Fit and higher quality food will downgrade half the time.

Dodgy Drink and Smoke
There’s no danger to consuming fit or better drink and smoke but lower quality goods present a real risk.
Consuming 1 portion of duff quality requires a save at -4 or roll 1d8 on a dodgy consumption table.
Consuming 2 portions of shonky quality requires a save at -2 or roll 1d6 on dodgy consupmtiontable.
Consuming 3 portions of bodge quality requires a save at  or roll 1d4 on dodgy consumption table.

Dodgy Drink
1. Maudlin and morose you are depressing for the rest of the evening anyone but close friends sees you at -4 CHA.
2. Vomit , no benefit gained from consumption.
3. Stupidity, forget all spells and -2 penalty to all save and reactions until rested.
4. Zonked, pass out for 1-4 hours.
5. Zonked and Hangover, pass out 2-8 hours, -2 to all actions for 2-16 hours after waking.
6. Blinded for 1-3 hours
7. Paralyzed for 2-5 hours
8. Afflicted/Incapacitated for 2-24 hours.

Dodgy Smoke
1. Munchies, distracted and -2 to all action unless it’s possible to eat a portion of food (which otherwise provides no benefit for the day).
2. Paranoid, CHA -2 for next 1-3 hours.
3. Jitters, lose initiative for next 1-3 hours.
4. Zonked, pass out for 1-4 hours
5. Hallucinations, will suffer from seriously inhibiting hallucinations for next 1-6hours , -2 to all actions and saves.
6. Delusions, will suffer from seriously inhibiting hallucinations for next 2-12 hours. -4 all saves/actions.
7. Madness, driven mad will suffer from a random insanity for next 2-16 hours
8. Catatonia, helpless for 2-24 hours

Cost of drink and smoke are part carosuing.  A DM shoudl base expenses on the nature of the campaign.

Filthy Lucre in a Grotty Age

Many an rpg campaign takes place in an apocalyptic or post apocalyptic age populated with mutant beasts warped by sorcery or science in a landscape strewn with ruins of empires haunted by the undead or radiation. I got thinking what if the ruin and desolation crept into the coin purses, treasure chests and markets and came up coins and kit for a grotty age.

Grotty Coins
The lowliest coin of them all is the Gubbin, handfuls and piles of gubbins would need to be exchanged for all but the cheapest of purchases. The Groat is the coin meant to be in the middle the largest the lowly will ever likely see and the unit of concern to all but the highest born (other folks have used it for their dark/dung age campaigns so I went with them here). The quality and nature of the metals used isn't really of concern they are mostly small and cheap with 200 to a pound.

Coin Conversion table
Gubbin= 1/2 spangle or 1/5 Groat or 1/100th of a Zlotz
Spangle= 2 gubbins
Nubbin= 3 gubbins or spangle &a gubbin
Baub=4 spangles or 8 gubbins
Groat= 5 spangles or 10 gubbins
Shearlin= 6 nubbins or 18 gubbins or a groat &a baub
Lucre= 7 nubbins or 21 gubbins or a groat,baub & a nubbin
Mark= 8 baub or 64 gubbins or a dozen groats & a baub
Gilder= 9 baub or 72 gubbins or 4 shearlin
Zlotz= 10 groats or 50 spangles or 100 gubbins

Gilders may occasionally appear by the coffer full but a few will ever see more then handful of Zlotz at any one time.

As a note of general value 3 groats will keep a man fed, housed, and in drink/smoke for a week.

Quality of kit and arms
In a grotty age things have been used and reused many times over and it shows the quality of a character's equipment is of concern.

Equipment Quality:
Duff: -1 to use/hit/damage, auto-break 1 and 20, Sv: 13+
Shonky: autobreak on 1 , save vs downgrade on a 20, Sv: 12+
Bodge: auto break on 1, save vs wear on a 20, Sv: 11+
Fit: save vs downgrade on 1, save vs wear on 20, Sv: 10+
Brill: save vs downgrade on 1, sv: 8+
Ace: save vs wear on 1, Sv: 6+


Break: out right busted no use at all,reworked at 1/3cost  50/50 chance of reforged being same quality as unbroken item or one lower.
Downgrade: item shifts in general quality to lower grade, can be reworked at 1/5 cost 1-2 no improvement.3-6 improved.
Wear: for weapons -1 to hit, -2 hit and damage, -3 hit,damage, and save, wear beneath this is  broken. Can be mended 1 step for 1/20th cost.

When to check for wear and tear:
Weapons are checked every round they are used. 
Armor should be checked the 1st time their wearer suffers damage in excess to their level in a combat and after any combat lasting 5 rounds or longer.
Boots/shoes require a check be made each day of travel.
Other equipment should be checked when used in times of stress, roll a d20 and check on the table above (recomend checkign anytime a character fails a save vs fireball or other such area attack).

Cost of goods and gear.
Duff goodscosts as 1/2  the number of standard D&D price in g.p. of groats

Shonky goods cost x1
Bodge goods cost x2
Fit goods cost x5
Brill goods cost x10
Ace goods costs x20
(example a Duff Sword would be 5 groats and an Ace Sword would be 200 groats if  the rulebook has a price of 10 g.p. for a sword).

Food should be really cheap but also risky and even riskier in dungeons and exotic villages. (probably do more on dodgy food and drink in a future post).

Experience and treasure:
No one earns experience points for finding treasure alone but you do gain experience points spending loot. 
If a character has got it they can spend up to100 groats a week per level to gain 100 exp. These groats must be spent on buying fit or better gear, feasting, carousing (gambling, fornication, and worse), gifting to NPCs, buying property, and sacrificing to the petty gods of the grotty age. Spending in more then one area is allowed to gain experience points but doing so can (and should) ay DM's discretion expose the character to hazards of such indulgence.

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Dinner Chat

Tonight at dinner my 18year old and his gf are over for Sunday dinner,my 16yeear old just started talking about a character she had played in a mutant future game a couple years ago, she related a couple tales from the few sessions played and said "we should play that game again some time". Yes, yes we should.

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De-LUX Dice Roller 2.0

De-LUX Dice Roller 2.0

Click on a link, get a number (It will show under the dice table) refresh if you need to clear up previously rolled numbers.

Dice roller