Friday, September 18, 2015

To open the bag or not?

Still here, just swamped with contracts and the work that goes with them.

A coupe weeks ago my dead friend Tom's girlfriend entrusted his gaming bag to me. It's one of those college kid backpack/book-bag deals. I haven't mustered the will to open it yet. Inside it there is probably a gaming book or three and a couple notebooks or folders and character sheets from the past few years.  I'm curious to look inside, to get this one last insight into someone I knew for over 30 years but even typing this brings up tears.  Should I open it myself or call together other gaming buddies to all share in the experience? Do we divvy up the goodies and entrust the character sheets to the "hall of the dead"  (a character sheet record I've been keeping for decades)? Maybe the bag should be propped up in a corner of Gamehalla ? To open the bag or not: to look into the past and a future that can never be...