Thursday, October 31, 2013

Found Xwlm on my computer

I was digging through my files on my computer, cleaning them up, getting rid of duplicates, or stuff I simply do no need anymore and I found some notes for a hex-crawl I was working on 2 years ago. Here some of those notes:


Beneath The Moons

A hexcrawl on an alien world.

The Directions   (from top of a hex leading around each face) are
Neth , Ast, Est, Seff, Vess, Wath

Yart is a a linear measure. A yart is a dozen palm widths. (40 earth inches).
(1584 yarts in a mile)

Men of Xwlm

The men of Xwlm are members of four closely related species (perhaps sub-species) seemingly evolved from homo sapiens. they are distinqguised from each other mostly by the growth of body hair alogn with other minor anatomical matters not addressed here.
Bald Men- hairless men
Bearded Men - pretty much like most earth men, some will bald on top of their heads but not over their entire bodies. Women of bearded men do no have much facial hair.
Hairy Men- much more body hair then seen on most earth men, women of the hairy men will have the same amount of facial hair as the men.
Furred Men- actually furry like other mammals, beards aren't present on these folk.

Allies of Men
Gnarm- stocky short hairless race of near men. Gnams ethnic groups are known by their means of skin decorations
 Pigmented- they paint themselves in semi-permaenet pigments
 Illustrated- permanently tattoo themselves with a variety of images
 Patterned- permanently tattoo themselves with geometric patterns
 Scarred- decorate themselves with extensive scarification, consider other gnarms to be wimps.

Oolf- tall think hairy folk. (both sexes have no hair on their chins) there are no societal distinctions of Oolf based on their natural appearance but certain hair colors may be favored from area to area.

Enemies of Man
 Irk- short spiked men (slightly taller than a Gnarm)
Gnalf- slight folk with feathers growing where bearded men grow hair
Hark- large shelled men.
Naked Gnarm- freakish gnarms that practice no skin decoration they draw up into bands that prey on men and allies.

Settlement Population Type
1-12 Bald Men
13-24 Bearded Men
25-36 Hairy Men
37-48 Furred Men
48-54 Pigmented Gnarm
55-61 Illustrated Gnarm
62-68 Patterend Gnarm
69-70 Naked Gnarm
71-72 Scarred Gnarm
73-80 Oolf
81-90 Irk
91-95 Gnalf
96-100 Hark

Alignments- on Xwlm how folks deal with honor and greed defines how they act and who they are likely to deal with but does not establish a given individual as a member of some cosmic struggle.
Honorable-  can be trusted to keep a bargain and treat others according to a code.
Wicked- can not be trusted to keep a bargain and enjoy harming others
Selfish- can occasionally be trusted doesn't seek to harm others unfairly as long as there is gain in it for themselves.

Ear-horn: improves chances of hearing noise and detecting an ambush
Clackers- simple noise makers that confuse and scare some animals, may briefly deafen someone using an ear-horn.
Mask- provides bonus to save vs gases
Ruby-lenses- a pair of spectacle that provide a save vs vision attacks
Ruby-mask- a mask that provides a bonus vs vision and gas attacks.

unarmored ac = 10
skins- 11
mesh- 12
woven- 13
waxed- 14
carved- 15
cultured- 16
wrought- 17
craft- 18
parrying arm- +1 vs melee
wire veil- +1 vs melee and thrown
shield -  +2
Helmet- +1
Hover Drone- +1 each

There's more it seems like the original notes were settign up for a hexcrawl and a house rule set with different classes and saving throw types.  Also looked like I couldn't decide on ascending or descending AC as there is a note sabout negative AC reducing damage but they aren't otherwise listed like that.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are We Who We Play ?

You'll see this argument again and again on the internet and elsewhere: The type of character someone plays gives yuo some insight into their real personality and behavior.  I think that's an absolute crock and has little merit.

I actually had a DM accuse me of stealing one of his game books once, his chief reason: I played a thief.  Turned out another player had borrowed the book and even had left one of his own with the DM (that player was shocked I'd been accused). I never got an appropriate apology from the accuser because he felt his basic gut instinct had been right in the past that the character a person plays tells you something about the player.
I enjoy playing picaresque rogues whether the class is fighter, magic-user or theif. It reflects a desire for a certain style of adventure and doesn't tell you who I am (might be total opposite of that really).
But I also enjoy playing empire builders who aren't picaresque rogues... I also like playing calculating in nose in the book experiment-prone magic-users, or clerics embodying their faith. When I play a character I do so for the fun and challenge of it and try to find a charcater that will fit into or enrich a campaign in a way that will be fun.

It's not who we play that reveals something about us, it's how we play. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Morlocks in the Ghoul Halls

In my MOG campaign things have been going well for the PCs the past few sessions. they have been focusing the majority of their exploits on raiding the Ghoul Halls and have developed effective tactics (shield walls being popular) and acquired plenty of silver arms to deal with the ghouls (the ghouls of MOG take extra damage from silver arms). The apparent master of the ghouls was dispatched last week and his chambers thoroughly looted thanks to bravery, and luck.

Last-night's raid and sweep of the Ghoul Halls wasn't very profitable but it has opened opportunities for future expeditions. While entering the Ghoul Halls the party passed the "morlock well" and discovered it was uncapped again, they resealed it as best they could and carried on with their assault on the ghouls. A few paltry remnant of the ghouls was battled a number of times but the small numbers of ghouls offered little resistance as they lacked the numbers to draw together in a large mob as they had in the past. More troublesome was repeated encounters with pink-skinned humanoids with shaggy white hair and glowing eyes, the players didn't seem to be able to identify what the brutes were. A small number of mechanical gadgets and tools were gained from the odd shaggy humanoids (including what was later identified as a clockwork nail-gun).

One of the more aggressive encounters with a band of shaggy humanoids was a small distance from a large set of metal doors in a far corner of the Ghoul Halls. The door was decorated with odd menacing sphinx and an odd hum could be heard coming from the other side of the door. Luckily for Nervan the Pygmy Assassin he noted the hum while reaching for a door-handle and only suffered minor burns as he leaped back before suffering a severe shock. The Sphinx doors were marked for a future raid (and possible demolition with a sizable portion of blakc-powder).

 the party finished their sweep of the Ghouls Halls discovering the grisly and foul ghoul larder where corpses still hung from chains and hooks which they only made a cursory search before heading back to the surface confident they had cleared the majority of the sub-level of any threats and rewards. A small number of desperate ghouls were caught and dispatched wandering far from the Ghoul Halls as the party returned to the surface (some have begun to wander wider since their master was dispatched).

Three of the six PCs in the party this session rose a level from their endeavors and the campaign now has it's first 4th level character and two more 3rd level characters. The players now know of three ways down from the Ghoul Halls (two freshly discovered) and are keen on exploring one next session.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

System Agnostic Weird Science-Fantasy Adventure/Encounter Generator

Need a little inspirariton for wierd science-fantasy campaigns? Roll on the tables here.

Select or roll up a situation and fill in each section as needed (you are going to have to pretty up the language on your own).

The Situation (roll 1d12)

  1. {FOLK} {ACTION} at a recently discovered {WHERE}
  2. {FOLK} {ACTION} at a {WHERE} which is controlled by a {WHO}
  3. {FOLK} serving {WHO} that dwells in a {WHERE}
  4. {FOLK} {ACTION} a {WHERE} unkown to them lurks {WHO}
  5. {WHO} dominates {FOLK} who are currently {ACTION} in {WHERE}
  6. A {WHERE} is the sacred grounds for {FOLK}
  7. {WHO} and {FOLK} minions are threatening {FOLK} in a {WHERE}
  8. {WHO} seeks mercenaries/advenutes to clear {WHERE} of {FOLK}
  9. {FOLK} and {FOLK} {Action} at a {WHERE} under the watch of {WHO}
  10. {WHO} seeks a treasure in a {WHERE} guarded by {FOLK} lead by {WHO}
  11. {FOLK} lead by a {WHO} are getting ready to attack {FOLK} who are {ACTION} in a {WHERE}
  12. {WHO} and {WHO} are {ACTIION} in a {WHERE} occupied by {FOLK}

FOLK (roll 1d100)  combine the "roll again' entries

  1. Ghostly/Glass –(roll again)
  2. Rocket men
  3. Giant
  4. Cyclops
  5. Dinosaur-Men
  6. Ghosts/Mummies of  (roll again)
  7. Aliens
  8. Cyborg (roll again)
  9. Cat-men
  10. Ghouls
  11. Childrem/Young(roll again)
  12. Strangely Colored – (roll strange color from carcosa or psychon and roll again)
  13. Men
  14. Pygmy
  15. Dwarves
  16. Amazons
  17. Cyclopian- (roll again)
  18. Skullmen
  19. Molemen
  20. Troglozak
  21. Zombie – (roll again 50%)
  22. Mutant- (roll again 33%)
  23. Eldren
  24. Morlock
  25. Android- (roll again 25%)
  26. Skeletal- (roll again)
  27. Fishmen
  28. Vampire- (roll again)
  29. Hawkman
  30. Beastmen
  31. Dolphin-men
  32. Duck-men
  33. Raptor-men
  34. Astronauts (roll again 25%)
  35. Cowboys (roll again 25%)
  36. Lizard-men
  37. Dragon-men
  38. Bee-men
  39. Mantoid
  40. Ant-men
  41. Squid-men
  42. Octon
  43. Craniac
  44. Savage- (roll again)
  45. Gremlin
  46. Chicken-men
  47. Minotaur
  48. Robot- (roll again 25%)
  49. Mushroom-men
  50. Plantmen
  51. Dog-men
  52. Ape-men
  53. Accephalous- (roll again)
  54. Hippy-(roll again)
  55. Elf
  56. Gnome
  57. Halfling
  58. Bat Winged-(roll again)
  59. Eagle Winged-(roll again)
  60. Dragon Winged-(roll again)
  61. Buttefly Winged--(roll again)
  62. Tusked- (roll again)
  63. Shark-Toothed (roll again)
  64. Scorpion Tailed (roll again)
  65. Horned (roll again)
  66. Villagers
  67. Hedonists
  68. Archaeologists
  69. Tomb-Robbers
  70. Pilgrims
  71. Cultists
  72. Bandits
  73. Smugglers
  74. Adventurers
  75. Goblins/Baboons
  76. Orcs/Pigmen
  77. Gnolls
  78. Bugbears
  79. Golems (25% roll again)
  80. Ogre
  81. Troll
  82. Two-Headed (roll again)
  83. Pirates (roll again 25%)
  84. Vikings (roll again 25%)
  85. Eloi
  86. Imps
  87. Cherubs
  88. Demons
  89. Centaur
  90. Lion-men
  91. Tiger-men
  92. Ratling
  93. Hobgoblin
  94. Ursoid
  95. Time Traveller (roll again 25%)
  96. Beetle-men/Cockroach People
  97. Cavemen
  98. Four-armed (roll again)
  99. Fairies
  100. Metal (roll again)

ACTION (roll 1d24)

  1. Looting
  2. Guarding
  3. Vandalizing
  4. Defiling
  5. Worshipping
  6. Sacrificing
  7. Escorting Sacrifices to
  8. Exploring
  9. Digging
  10. Hiding
  11. Searching
  12. Patroling
  13. Camping Near
  14. Passing By
  15. Partying
  16. Performing Ritual
  17. Collecting spores, mold, fungus
  18. Relaxing/Meditating
  19. Fleeing
  20. Fighting
  21. Feasting
  22. Bacchanalian Orgy
  23. Meeting/Voting
  24. Debating/Philosophizing


  1. Crypt
  2. Statues (25% of who, 255 of Folk)
  3. Monolith
  4. Pyramid
  5. Pillars
  6. Metal Pod(s)
  7. Coffin(s)
  8. Fossilized – (10% folk 25% Who)
  9. Glass- (roll again)
  10. Giant- (roll again)
  11. Half-Buried (roll again)
  12. Step-Pyramid
  13. Graveyard
  14. Barrows
  15. Sprawling Necropolis
  16. Ruined Metropolis
  17. Old Castle
  18. Hole(s)
  19. Well(s)
  20. Sphinx
  21. Shrine
  22. Wrecked Ship
  23. Crashed Saucer/Airplane
  24. Ancient Motel
  25. Lonely Tower
  26. Bridge
  27. Tomb
  28. Mines
  29. Tunnels
  30. Ancient Bunker
  31. Archaic Midden/Dump
  32. Volcano
  33. Sinking- (roll again)
  34. Flooded- (roll again)
  35. Overgrown (roll again)
  36. Gardens
  37. Grove
  38. Ancient factory
  39. Space-port/Air-strip
  40. Land-Locked Harbor
  41. Arena
  42. Library
  43. Laboratory
  44. Theme Park
  45. Monastery
  46. Cave
  47. Hive/Warren
  48. Glowing- (roll again)
  49. Miasma Choked- (roll again)
  50. Slaughterhouse
  51. Greenhouse
  52. Granary
  53. Waterwheel
  54. Windmill
  55. Animal Pens/Stables
  56. Bank/treasury
  57. Forum/Theater
  58. Warehouse
  59. Ancient Supermarket/Bigbox store
  60. Asylum
  61. Apartment Block
  62. Villa
  63. Museum
  64. School
  65. Clock-Tower
  66. Skyscraper
  67. Courthouse
  68. Foundry/Forge
  69. Power plant/Oil-Rig
  70. Brewery/Winery
  71. Lonely House
  72. Dome
  73. Gateway
  74. Wall/Fort
  75. Cathedral/church
  76. Giant Robot
  77. Giant Vehicle
  78. Giant Beast
  79. Bus Station
  80. Aqueduct
  81. Bakery
  82. Bathhouse
  83. Hospital
  84. Giant Shells
  85. Crystalline Jumble
  86. Pile of Rocks
  87. Crater(s)
  88. Volcano
  89. Glacier (something inside 50% to roll again)
  90. Parking Garage
  91. Shops/Shopping Mall
  92. Gas Station
  93. Fountain(s)
  94. Footprints
  95. Village
  96. Dormitory
  97. Observatory
  98. Hatchery
  99. Mysterious Pylon(s) 
  100. Storage Tanks

WHO, Occupants and Overlords (roll 1d50 or 1d30 )

  1. Godling
  2. Prophet of (roll folk)
  3. Mad Wizard
  4. Living Brain
  5. Lich
  6. Forgotten- (roll again 66%)
  7. Hated- (roll again)
  8. King
  9. Warlord
  10. Queen
  11. (Roll Folk)
  12. Cyborg- (roll again)
  13. Psychic- (roll again)
  14. Diseased/Lepers- (roll folk)
  15. Mummy
  16. Vampire
  17. General
  18. Immortal
  19. Dragon
  20. Elder Thing
  21. Alien Magus
  22. Demon
  23. Hero
  24. Angel
  25. Dinosaurs
  26. Aliens
  27. Royal Family
  28. Merchant Guild
  29. Pharaoh
  30. Knightly Order
  31. Wild Hogs/Giant Boars
  32. Jackals/Wolves
  33. Lions/Bears
  34. Wild Dogs
  35. Owls/Vultures
  36. Striges/Carrion Creepers/Rust Monsters
  37. Slimes/Jellies/Blobs
  38. Gigantic Worms of Certain Colors
  39. Low-life (roll on my 1d100 low-life chart)
  40. Harpies/Gargoyles/Naga/Sphinx
  41. Giant Rats
  42. Carnivorous Apes
  43. Man-eating Plants
  44. Giant Ants/Scorpions/Spiders
  45. Ogres/Trolls/Giants
  46. Turtles/Snakes/Hydra
  47. Slugs/Snails/Octopus
  48. Griffons/Manticora/Chimera/Hydra
  49. Dangerous Fungus
  50. Giant Sloth/Elephant/Rhinoceros/Unicorn