Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Morlocks in the Ghoul Halls

In my MOG campaign things have been going well for the PCs the past few sessions. they have been focusing the majority of their exploits on raiding the Ghoul Halls and have developed effective tactics (shield walls being popular) and acquired plenty of silver arms to deal with the ghouls (the ghouls of MOG take extra damage from silver arms). The apparent master of the ghouls was dispatched last week and his chambers thoroughly looted thanks to bravery, and luck.

Last-night's raid and sweep of the Ghoul Halls wasn't very profitable but it has opened opportunities for future expeditions. While entering the Ghoul Halls the party passed the "morlock well" and discovered it was uncapped again, they resealed it as best they could and carried on with their assault on the ghouls. A few paltry remnant of the ghouls was battled a number of times but the small numbers of ghouls offered little resistance as they lacked the numbers to draw together in a large mob as they had in the past. More troublesome was repeated encounters with pink-skinned humanoids with shaggy white hair and glowing eyes, the players didn't seem to be able to identify what the brutes were. A small number of mechanical gadgets and tools were gained from the odd shaggy humanoids (including what was later identified as a clockwork nail-gun).

One of the more aggressive encounters with a band of shaggy humanoids was a small distance from a large set of metal doors in a far corner of the Ghoul Halls. The door was decorated with odd menacing sphinx and an odd hum could be heard coming from the other side of the door. Luckily for Nervan the Pygmy Assassin he noted the hum while reaching for a door-handle and only suffered minor burns as he leaped back before suffering a severe shock. The Sphinx doors were marked for a future raid (and possible demolition with a sizable portion of blakc-powder).

 the party finished their sweep of the Ghouls Halls discovering the grisly and foul ghoul larder where corpses still hung from chains and hooks which they only made a cursory search before heading back to the surface confident they had cleared the majority of the sub-level of any threats and rewards. A small number of desperate ghouls were caught and dispatched wandering far from the Ghoul Halls as the party returned to the surface (some have begun to wander wider since their master was dispatched).

Three of the six PCs in the party this session rose a level from their endeavors and the campaign now has it's first 4th level character and two more 3rd level characters. The players now know of three ways down from the Ghoul Halls (two freshly discovered) and are keen on exploring one next session.

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