Sunday, October 20, 2013

Odd Villages

A 1d100 table of odd, strange and trouble villages for a typical medievalish fantasy campaign.

  1. May buy any normal equipment here at 10% off/50% more.
  2. Empty Village, no animals and no people, fallow fields.
  3. Empty Village, animals hungry, some livestock wandering about, and no people, fields in poor shape.
  4. Empty Village, animals hungry, it looks like people just left in the past half hour or so.
  5. Empty Village, no animals, it looks like people just left in the past half hour or so, there are plenty of supplies in village. If anyone sleep here the whole village will disappear in the morning.
  6. Empty Village, some loose animals,most supplies and goods are missing, villagers all ran off in the past day or so and are hiding nearby.
  7. Empty Village, signs of violence, some stray animals and trampled crops, a battle was fought here and the locals are off hiding.
  8. The locals are all lepers.
  9. The locals all have a horrible rotting disease.
  10. Some homes are closed up tight with a black X drawn on the doors, the black death is rampant in this village.
  11. Everything is fine today, but the plague is here, in the next 1d3 days people will start dropping like flies.
  12. One of the villagers went crazy after being sick and bit a couple locals before he had to be killed…
  13. One of the villagers went crazy after being sick and bit a couple locals before he had to be locked in a barn.
  14. The village keeps a barn full of zombies.
  15. No Men, the men went off to war weeks ago.
  16. No Men, the men went off to war weeks ago and unknown to their families at present, were all slain
  17. No Men, they are all off hunting.
  18. No Men, the men are chasing a criminal in the countryside
  19. No Men, the women of this village never had much use for men.
  20. No Women, the local villagers were ran off by the current occupants who are bandits posing as villagers
  21. No Women, All the women have been stolen by an Ogre
  22. No Women, the women have been stolen by Brigands
  23. No Women, the women all left and walked off into the woods one night not too long ago.
  24. No Women, never have been any women, village doesn’t have any use for them.
  25. No Children, all the young dears passed away in the recent plague
  26. No Children, the village just barely survived a recent famine
  27. No Children, parents are hysterical a piper lead all the children off
  28. No Children, bandits are holding all of the children hostage
  29. No Children, a witch turned all the children into goats (don’t eat the goats)
  30. No Children seen out and about, they all fell asleep a few weeks back and haven’t woken up yet.
  31. No Children, the town was cursed years back and no children have been born in over a decade.
  32. No Adults, they all got sick and died last year. The kids are getting by fine without them.
  33. No Adults, they all left in the past couple days, the kids are worried.
  34. No Adults, the kids have gotten along juts fine without them for years, anyone over 15 is brought out into the fields…
  35. No Adults, they all went mad and killed each other, the kids are all hiding and frightened. There are still a few mad kill-crazed adults in the far fields and off in the woods.
  36. No Old People, they all died in recent plague.
  37. No Old People, most folks in this village turn into ghouls with age, some run off, some are locked in the basement by their families.
  38. No Old People, the well here is a youth potion (doesn’t work if carried away).
  39. No Old People, the well here is a youth potion, if anyone leaves the village time will catch up with them in a week and they will age to their rightful age.
  40. Everyone is Old, all the young people have just wandered off during the past few years.
  41. Everyone is Old, all the young people have fallen victim to a plague…
  42. Everyone is Old, people never die of age here they just get old.
  43. Everyone is Old, the village is an asylum for the elderly.
  44. Strange Local Religion, once a month crazed bacchanalian revels.
  45. Strange Local Religion, once year a new Oak King is chosen.
  46. Strange Local Religion,  doesn’t tolerate visiting heathens
  47. Strange local Religion, will attempt to convert all visitors, at force if needed.
  48. Residents all secretly practicing forbidden religion. Fearful of inquistors.
  49. Sanction religious colony of otherwise unpopular regional faith.
  50. Haunting, strange maiden in white wander down lonely road.
  51. Haunting, a ghostly knight challenges all who foolishly wander the lanes near midnight
  52. Each new moon two ghostly armies fight a battle in the nearby fields, any living person slain in the battle will join the ghostly battle forever-more.
  53. A ghost wanders the street each night knocking on random doors, no one answers doors at night here.
  54. The whole village is occupied by ghosts who seem normal until the truth is discovered.
  55. The whole village is empty during the day, but a night it fills with ghosts who go about their daily chores as if everything is normal.
  56. Bandits threaten the villagers
  57. Brigands are attacking the village.
  58. A band of knights is taking over the village.
  59. Goblins menace and steal from the village each night, it’s getting worse each night.
  60. A horde of orcs is forming outside of town and getting ready to storm the village.
  61. Giants! A band of giants is coming this way !
  62. Local baron takes a new bride each month, she is never seen afterward
  63. Local baron demands the company of a new bride each fortnight, sometime she returns fine, other times she is found dead in a field…
  64. Local baron demands offensive privileges the villagers are powerless to deny
  65. Local baron enforces a nightly curfew with lethal force.
  66. Local baron is actually an ogre.
  67. A band of knights as illegally declared the village as their own.
  68. Local lord collects twice as many taxes as normal and has all sorts of odd punitive fees.
  69. The villagers are secretly half-ghouls and will feed on visitors at night.
  70. The villagers are secretly lycanthropes and will feed on visitors.
  71. A large number of villagers are secretly werewolves and will feed on visitors not protected in a cottage with wolvesbane on the door.
  72. The villagers are secretly spawn of the elder gods, each new moon all visitors are slain.
  73. The villagers are goblins and goblin-men acting as if they were normal folk.
  74. The village is run by talking animals.
  75. The village is occupied by the living dead who go about chores as if still alive.
  76. Everyone in the village has the ability to cast spells as if a sorcerer but only within the village.
  77. The villagers are fairies masquerading as normal folk.
  78. The village is occupied by vampires and their thralls.
  79. Dragon demands a virgin sacrifice.
  80. Wizard tormenting villagers looking for an apprentice.
  81. A witch outside of town is suspected of being up to no good.
  82. A pack of wolves has been seen in the area lately.
  83. A troll has been wandering the countryside, every week he takes a person or an animal from the village.
  84. A band of doppleganers hides out among the villagers, feeding and replacing as desired.
  85. Strange Shop sells all sorts of exotic animals.
  86. Strange Shop sells spell components, inks and potion ingredients
  87. Strange Shop buys and sells antiques and curios. Any thief will find themselves cursed by the items taken.
  88. Strange shop sells “special” goods often magical that each curse the owner.
  89. Strange tavern has beverages, guests, and foods from other ages and worlds.
  90. Strange Lonely House on edge of town. Recommend rolling on this table:
  91. Spooky Graveyard.   Tables here are recommended:
  92. Village is only here once a year/decade/century before it vanishes, visitors will be left in location when village vanishes
  93. Village is only here once a year/decade/century before it vanishes taking visitors with it.
  94. Village is only here once a decade/century before it vanishes taking visitors with it, anyone leaving it will age rapidly and die.
  95. Village is out of time, each day here is a week/month/year in the outer world.
  96. Village is out of time, each day here is a week/month/year in the outer world. Anyone who stays for 3 or more nights is cursed to age each day outside the village at the same time difference.
  97. Dungeon just outside of or under village, locked shut by magical seals.
  98. Dungeon just outside of or under village, locals shun entrance, not trouble by occupants much if the dungeon is left alone.
  99. Dungeon just outside of or under village. A toll is charged for anyone who wants to enter the dungeon.
  100. Roll 1d3+1 times on table.


  1. cool! - i could use this in my game quite soon

  2. Glad to hear it. Your tables are of use and an inspiration to me.