Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Working on a huge loot and treasure table

I'm working on the treasure table for my MOG campaign, and it's looking to become a bit large. so far I've only gotten to listing a variety of coins, ink components, and a variety of alchemical apparatus and I've got 4120 entries on the table as of this blogging. Most of the entries are coins so far with a break down by rough quantity, type, and storage method.  I hope to get a host of magical, mundane, and super-science loot into the table that reflects what folks would be lusting for (or just plain need) on the science-fantays world of MOG. I'm kind of surprised how quickly I broke 4000 entries on the table, shooting for 10,000.



  1. All Hail The Mystical Order of the D10,000... ;) and wow, that's what I call a goal...

  2. education suppliers selling actual d10 with numbers to generate d1000 - sounds awesome - thank for your comments too - your reliquaries inspiring me

  3. Amazing. Hope you'll share/sell the finished product.