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A Reliquary is a container for the transport, security, or display of religious relics (typically the remains of a saint).

 D40 Reliquary Table

1.      Open Palm Arm Reliquary
2.      Blessed Gesture Arm Reliquary
3.      Closed Hand Arm Reliquary
4.      Goblet Grasping Arm Reliquary
5.      Candle Holding Arm Reliquary
6.      Sword Bearing Arm Reliquary
7.      Crystal Focus Monstrance
8.      Glass Focus Monstrance
9.      Suspending Monstrance
10.   Reliquary Ring
11.   Reliquary Amulet
12.   Over-sized Reliquary Ring
13.   Over-sized Reliquary Ring
14.   Reliquary Crown
15.   Reliquary Censer
16.   Rod-Mounted Reliquary Censer
17.   Chain-Hung Reliquary Censer
18.   Embedded Reliquary Icon
19.   Simple Reliquary Box
20.   Elaborate Reliquary Box
21.   Standing Reliquary Box
22.   Grande Chasse
23.   Double Handled Grand Chasse
24.   Quadruple Handle Grand Chasse
25.   Saint’s Bust atop Reliquary Box
26.   Saint’s Bust Embedded in Grand Chasse
27.   Saint’s Bust
28.   Saint’s Bust with Viewing Panel
29.   Delicate Philatory
30.   Simple Philatory
31.   Elaborate Philatory
32.   Grand Philatory
33.   Grand Philatory in Case
34.   Simple Embedded Icon
35.   Framed Embedded Icon
36.   Embedded Iconic Tome
37.   Tri-Panel Embedded Icon
38.   Grand Chasse with Embedded Icon
39.   Small Reliquary Coffin
40.   Elaborate Reliquary Coffin

A brief and incomplete glossary of reliquaries:

Saintly Coffer/Box: A decorative box often lined that secure the relic.
Philatory: A reliquary designed to display a saint finger or bones with a viewing portal, sometimes the relic is surrounded in glass allowing the faithful to view the relic from all sides.
Saint’s Bust: a saint’s skull or fragment of it can be found encased within a bust or contained inside the head of the bust.
Grand Chasse: a large and elaborate decorative container with one or more viewing points the grand chasse is often large enough it requires 2 or more bearers to carry it.
Embedded Icon: An iconic portrait or scene with the relic visibly embedded in the icon. Sometimes encased in a book-like box, or framed as part of a bi-panel or tri-panel display.
Arm Reliquary: similar to the saint’s bust, this reliquary contains a hand, finger, or arm bone. The hand may be held open, as  a fist, or bearing arms as appropriate to the saint and faith.
Monstrance: temple device that masy sometimes have a relic held for display in the monstrance.
Reliquary Charm: a piece of jewelry contains the relic, often a bit of bone, in a large ring or amulet.

This post was inspired by a post on Relics at Elfmaids& Octopi, the link would be a great place to whip up some relics to put in those reliquaries.

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