Thursday, October 10, 2013

MOG Headcount

A roster of Dead PCs and Monsters in my MOG campaign.

Foes Slain:

Giant Albino Rats-14
Glowing Green Skeletons- 10
Bogloids- 52
Ghouls- 132
Trolde- 2
Vampire- 1
Medusa- 1
Giant Forest Sloths- 4
Red Shark-toothed Amazons- 12
Bog Bears- 2
Sword Wight- 1
Granga  (B-movie Alosaurus) – 1
Saucer-men - 2
Sting bats- 13
Black Moss- 2
Shambling Fungus- 1
Over 40,000 exp for monsters slain in 20-24 sessions (I've lost exact count)

5 PC Deaths and unresolved abductions:
Beck killed by Vampire in it's death throes
Slendara Posioned by A Dungeon-gang Sub-Leader
Triborn abducted by Saucer-Men
McDowell Hatfield and Greg the Assassin- killed by Ghouls

All surviving PCs are 2-3rd level as of this writing. 30%  of characters die after creation so far.

We've had sessions with 4-14 PCs+Henchmen. Having 2 PCs per character and a dungeon just outside civilization has worked out well it's motivated the players to show up even when a few are missing.

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