Friday, October 18, 2013

Defensive Mutations [Mutant Future]

A few new defensive mutations and a new mutant creature for Mutant Future compatible campaigns.

Physical Mutations :

Tumorous Armoring
The character is constantly growing huge lumpy cartilaginous tumors that offer protection but hinder movement. Each week of growth a character’s natural AC will improve by 1 (to best natural AC of 3), but dexterity will be temporarily lowered by 1 point and the total movement rate will be reduced by 10’.The tumors can be removed temporarily after 2 hours of operating; AC will be lowered to 9, Dexterity will be restored to normal and movement penalties will be dropped but 2d6 damage will be suffered. The tumorous armoring makes it impossible to wear artificial armor after 2 weeks of growth.

Shield-Snail Symbiosis
The character excretes a pheromone that draw snail shields to the  character.  Each day there is a 10% chance a new snail-shield is attracted to the character each day (outside of other encounters).  The shield-snail symbiot can attract and bear up to 4 shield snails, each on improving AC by one step.  See Shield-snail description for stats.

Mental Mutation:

Crawling with Roaches
An involuntary empathic projection causes the character is covered with a disgusting writing mass of roaches. Theses roaches serve to protect their host giving a +2 to radiation and poison saves if there are 10 or more roaches present. All damage suffered by a character crawling in roaches is split between the roaches and the character 50/50, the roaches are not impacted by mental attacks targeting the host. A character will have 10-60 roaches (each offering 1hp) when the mutation is rolled and 1d3 roaches will hatch each day adding to the total (which can go up to 100).  If for some reason the number of roaches exceeds the characters current HP they sufferer extreme itching causing a -2 penalty to attack rolls. Most folk will be grossed-out by the roaches and the character will suffer a 2 point reaction penalty in most situations, instead of a penalty this mutation will provide a 1 pt positive reaction amongst cockroach-related mutants.


No, Enc: 1d4 (1d4)
Alignment: Lawful
Movement: 30’(10’)
Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: 1
Damage: special
Save: L2*
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: nil
Shield snails ar curious 1’  diameter (when mature) parasitic snails. The Shield Snail will attach itself to a target causing 1d4 damage and then refuse to be removed encumbering the victim at a weight of 1 pound per shield-snail HP.  This arrangement can be oddly beneficial providing the host with an organic shield that improves AC by 1.  No more then one shield snail will remain attached to any one being after after 1-3 turns unless the target has the Shield-Snail Symbiosis Mutation. Damage suffered from the Shield-snail attaching itself will not be regained until the snail dies or is removed.
Attached Shield-Snails will be vulnerable to poison, radiation , and area attacks suffered by their host but get a +4 bonus to saves while so attached.

Shield-Snails may be found for sale in some trading posts for 20 u.p. (20 g.p.).