Monday, September 26, 2016

Digital Dark Future

An old boardgame is getting a remake as a digital title:

I think there's great opportunity for "Dark Future Go" where players can give their real world vehicles digital skins for virtual reality enhanced auto battles with their real cars... what could possibly go wrong with that. 

I hope the actual game is cool and fun. I have no idea myself why there isn't a Car Wars 8 that this would be competing with.

An Intelligence Check

Sometimes you just have to remind the players that their characters may just have keener minds than the plans they the players have put forth. I've used henchmen in the past to ask "Hey boss, you sure that's a good idea?" or I've been a little more overt but a tad sneaky "Oh so that's you plan is it? Bob, look at your character sheet can you tell me what your Paladin's got for INT and WIS "

What brings this on, well this amusing post here: