Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Where have I been?

Hello gentle reader I noticed I've gone some time now in failing to update this blog I have regretfully been busy getting involved with local and state politics.   I am currently running for the position of State Representative of Rockingham 4 here in New Hampshire.  

The state of politics nationwide and here in New Hampshire has motivated me to run as a Libertarian.  This is the first year in many a third party has gained access as a major party here in New Hampshire and I wish to support the option for voters to have a choice outside of the two parties that have dominated our politics for far too long.  There are many fine Republicans and Democrats in this country in office and among the general population that are not being well served by the parties they have supported and I feel fighting to open and maintain options is essential. 

So I'm taking the opportunity presented by the upcoming special election to be held on September 25th to run as a State Representative for Rockingham 4 as a Libertarian. When I win I'll be joining members of three political parties who each serve approximately 3300 citizens in their local district. Helping represent my fellow citizens while also contributing to the future shape of politics in this state and the country at large is an opportunity I relish.

My campaign page:

My campaign facebook group:

This blog isn't going to get overrun with political posts, this could be the last mention I make of it here prior to the election. I felt motivated to share this with the many people who have read this blog so they know I have not given up on gaming or on communicating with them.