Sunday, September 23, 2018

Megadungeon Slum Encouter Table I

An encounter table with 10 options to flesh out encounters in a megadungeon slum.

Megadungeon Slum Encouter Table I
Further Details
Melchsops (1d6)
Gatherers, cooks and sellers of Melch.

Roll 3 times to see what each Melchsop is carrying.
1- Gallon Cask of Raw Melch
2- Half a dozen Melch Loaves
3- Two small jars of Melch Paste
4- The means to setup up and quickly cook up to a dozen servings of Natters.
5- 3’ feet of freshest Jollies
6- a bag with 3d20 pieces of Traggy
Corpse Whisperer
Lowly necromancers that will pose questions for the dead.
roll d12: 1-3: a Cleric or Necromancer actually able to speak with the dead. 4-6 an illusionist or mountebank with some magical skills to fool marks 7-10 simple frauds 11-12 ventriloquist.
Bit Faker
Passes counterfeit money. May be posing as money changer but also likely will offer to buy some goods for a bit of coin.
Has 1d100 fake coppers, 5d10 fake silver, and 2d20 fake gold. Thieves and dwarves will note the  counterfeit coins 65% of the time, others 33% of the time. There is a 25% chance the Bit faker has 1 real coin of each type to fool a mark. The bit Faker will usually stash a few real coins within 100’ the current location.
Nobblers (1d3)
Enforcers that punish fellow dungeon miscreants by the breaking of limbs.
Has a big mallet or sledge hammer to break the kneecaps of those who haven’t paid their bills to loansharks, bartenders, and bookies. 
25% chance that any successful strike is good enough to break a limb if the victim fails a save vs wounds/paralysis.
Bludgers (1d12)
Hired beaters of unruly miscreants. Can be paid off to leave victim alone. Will Bludge for pay.
These lowly thugs are employed to quickly beat uncooperative miscreants for an established boss or paying customers.If the bludgers outnumber a target by more than 2 to 1 the victim must make a save or be knocked unconscious if struck during a round. On a successful hit they normally deal 1d3+1 temporary damage. There is a 67% chance they will not steal from their victims as their role is 
Pealers (2d4)
Dungeon muggers that specialize in clothing and armor
They will sneak attack inflicting 3d6 temporary damage and stay to peal the clothing and armor off their incapacitated victims. They aren’t above pilfering coin purses but seldom bother with the time it takes to go through or carry off backpacks.
Wailer (1)
A very capable noisy beggar.
These poor miserable sods will make all but the most wicked feel miserable if they don’t toss the wailer a coin or two. those who don’t toss the wailer coins must make a Wisdom save or all saving throws for remainder of day are made at -1. There is a 33% chance anyone that tries to rob or slap the wailer will be cursed.
Corby (1d2)
A corby can usually hide as well as a thief of 4th level. They will spot anyone within 100’ (or twice normal dark sight for species) unless the intruders are both silenced and invisible 75% of the time.
Dookin Seer (1d4)
A palm reader, probably not legit.
The Dookin Seer themselves have a 33% chance of having 2 or 3 levels in a spellcasting class. If more than one is encountered there will be an apprentice otherwise they are guards acting as helper or fake customers for the Dookin Seer.
Prater (1d6)
Itinerant priest, usually bogus. 
roll d12:. 1- Cleric, 2- Druid, 3- Fallen Paladin, 4- Illusionist, 5-9 thief, 10-12 simple fraud. If more than 1 is encountered the remainder have a 50/50 chance of being beggars or thieves posing as  traveling friars.

Note/Caution: Many players are really going to hate getting mugged by Pealers the most. Some players will likely act very poorly and irrationally after having a character lose equipment to a Pealer as losing equipment is almost as bad (or worse) than character death to some.