Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Playing With Hex Maps

i've been playing with different methods of getting hex maps ready for games. Recently realized the pattern tool in Photoshop (and related programs) was a decent way to get them done.

Here's two sample patterns used:

Combined them and the like to make a map:

Got the patterns working, but I must figure out a method to number the hexes.


  1. That looks fantastic. I've thought about a good way to make the terrain on the maps less repetitive and this really does the trick. PS isn't that great for text, so I've taken to creating a standard image size for my maps n PS, then pasting them into an InDesign (which is awesome at text) document that has the numbers in a layer.

    1. Lol, of course, a premade layer in another program that can be edited in it's native format would do the trick.