Thursday, October 31, 2013

Found Xwlm on my computer

I was digging through my files on my computer, cleaning them up, getting rid of duplicates, or stuff I simply do no need anymore and I found some notes for a hex-crawl I was working on 2 years ago. Here some of those notes:


Beneath The Moons

A hexcrawl on an alien world.

The Directions   (from top of a hex leading around each face) are
Neth , Ast, Est, Seff, Vess, Wath

Yart is a a linear measure. A yart is a dozen palm widths. (40 earth inches).
(1584 yarts in a mile)

Men of Xwlm

The men of Xwlm are members of four closely related species (perhaps sub-species) seemingly evolved from homo sapiens. they are distinqguised from each other mostly by the growth of body hair alogn with other minor anatomical matters not addressed here.
Bald Men- hairless men
Bearded Men - pretty much like most earth men, some will bald on top of their heads but not over their entire bodies. Women of bearded men do no have much facial hair.
Hairy Men- much more body hair then seen on most earth men, women of the hairy men will have the same amount of facial hair as the men.
Furred Men- actually furry like other mammals, beards aren't present on these folk.

Allies of Men
Gnarm- stocky short hairless race of near men. Gnams ethnic groups are known by their means of skin decorations
 Pigmented- they paint themselves in semi-permaenet pigments
 Illustrated- permanently tattoo themselves with a variety of images
 Patterned- permanently tattoo themselves with geometric patterns
 Scarred- decorate themselves with extensive scarification, consider other gnarms to be wimps.

Oolf- tall think hairy folk. (both sexes have no hair on their chins) there are no societal distinctions of Oolf based on their natural appearance but certain hair colors may be favored from area to area.

Enemies of Man
 Irk- short spiked men (slightly taller than a Gnarm)
Gnalf- slight folk with feathers growing where bearded men grow hair
Hark- large shelled men.
Naked Gnarm- freakish gnarms that practice no skin decoration they draw up into bands that prey on men and allies.

Settlement Population Type
1-12 Bald Men
13-24 Bearded Men
25-36 Hairy Men
37-48 Furred Men
48-54 Pigmented Gnarm
55-61 Illustrated Gnarm
62-68 Patterend Gnarm
69-70 Naked Gnarm
71-72 Scarred Gnarm
73-80 Oolf
81-90 Irk
91-95 Gnalf
96-100 Hark

Alignments- on Xwlm how folks deal with honor and greed defines how they act and who they are likely to deal with but does not establish a given individual as a member of some cosmic struggle.
Honorable-  can be trusted to keep a bargain and treat others according to a code.
Wicked- can not be trusted to keep a bargain and enjoy harming others
Selfish- can occasionally be trusted doesn't seek to harm others unfairly as long as there is gain in it for themselves.

Ear-horn: improves chances of hearing noise and detecting an ambush
Clackers- simple noise makers that confuse and scare some animals, may briefly deafen someone using an ear-horn.
Mask- provides bonus to save vs gases
Ruby-lenses- a pair of spectacle that provide a save vs vision attacks
Ruby-mask- a mask that provides a bonus vs vision and gas attacks.

unarmored ac = 10
skins- 11
mesh- 12
woven- 13
waxed- 14
carved- 15
cultured- 16
wrought- 17
craft- 18
parrying arm- +1 vs melee
wire veil- +1 vs melee and thrown
shield -  +2
Helmet- +1
Hover Drone- +1 each

There's more it seems like the original notes were settign up for a hexcrawl and a house rule set with different classes and saving throw types.  Also looked like I couldn't decide on ascending or descending AC as there is a note sabout negative AC reducing damage but they aren't otherwise listed like that.

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