Friday, November 1, 2013

Macho Metal Weapons

Your macho metal barbarian-warrior needs some serious gear that reflects that special inner personality that enjoys spilling a foes innards on the ground for all to see.

Spiked Shield- get an extra attack every odd numbered round.
DMG: 1d6 Impale: 20% 15gp

Razor Shield- get an extra attack every even round or throw like a giant shrunken.
DMG: 1d6+1 Sever: 10% 50gp

Bladed Boomerang- cut stuff off…hell yeah
DMG: 1d6 Sever:20% 20gp

Throwing-sword- specially balanced for throwing with a two hand grip.
DMG: 2d4 Impale: 22% 35gp

Sword-axe- when a sword or axe alone simply can't get it done for you.
DMG: 1d10+1 Sever: 25% 50gp

Barbed Bolas-  spiked bolas held tighter with barbed wire.
DMG: 1d4+1 Entangle: 45% 10 gp

Throwing-Star- you'll put an eye out…their eye
DMG: 1d4 Impale: 20% 3 gp

Razor-Disk-  spinning frisbee of death.
DMG: 1d4+1  Ricochet shot: 25%   8 gp

Warstaff- this staff is covered in barbs, studs and hooks. When a big stick is too wimpy.
DMG: 1d6+1 Knockout: 25%, Trip: 30% 8gp

Chained- Warstaff- this warstaff splits in half with a length of chain connecting both halves in one kick ass nun-chuck.
DMG: 1d8+1 Knockout: 30%, Trip: 33% 40gp

Spiked Gauntlet- each knuckle of these gauntlets sports a spike.
DMG: 1d4 Knockout: 20% 8 gp

Spiked Pommel- the pommel of your sword sports a wicked spike that can be used with no penalty while wrestling.
DMG: 1d4 Impale: 20% +5 gp

Axe-flail- the veins on this heavy headed flail are sharpened axe blades.
DMG: 1d8+1 Sever,Entangle, Trip or Knockout: 15%  50gp

Triple bladed throwing knife- need I say more?
DMG: 1d4+2 Impale: 27% 20gp

Thunder Hammer- a meaty warhammer made for hurling at giant's heads.
DMG: 1d6+1 Knockout: 33% 25gp

Hook-Dagger- made for disemboweling your soft bellied foes.
DMG: 1d4 Impale: 25% Parry: +1 5gp

Long Dagger- an extra large dagger made for folks with big hands.
DMG: 1d5 (that's half a d10) Impale: 33% 6gp

Spiked Club- a big old club sporting some darned mean looking spikes.
 DMG: 1d4+2 Knockout: 20% 4gp

Broad Sword- a man's sword
DMG: 1d8 Impale or Sever: 20% Parry:+2  12gp

Dueling Sword- a thin long pointy sword, not very macho but some gits are still pretty good with them.
DMG: 1d6  Impale: 35% Parry: + 4 15gp

War Sword- a big sword made for war….arghhh!
DMG: 2d6  Impale or Sever: 25% Parry: + 2 50gp

Great Sword- a really big sword that requires two hands.
DMG: 2d8 Impale or Sever: 25% Parry: +2 75gp

Swordstaff- a staff sporting double sword blades, a big stick with swords how can that not get the job done?
DMG: 1d8+1 Sever or Impale: 25% Parry: +4 35gp

Doubleaxe- a darned big axe with a double-sided head on each end.
DMG: 1d10  Sever: 35% Parry: + 2 40gp

Throwing-spike- it's a long piece of pointy metal, it's not subtle but it gets the job done.
DMG: 1d3+1 Impale: 30%  1gp

Double Bladed Dagger- two dagger blades in a single hand….hells-yeah!
DMG: 1d4+1 DMG:Impale: 45% Parry: + 5 8 gp

Weapon notes:
Impale, entangle, knockout, etc.... special attacks made at -4 or spring up on a critical hit. Deal with them as you wish.  I'd recommend foes a level lower and higher get a save, wimps 2 level or lower get no saves.

Barbed weapons that hit on an even roll stick in the foe and get an autohit next round when rioed from the wound... oh yeah!  If you get multiple attacks you get to do it this round !

thrown weapon ranges:   Short= STR/3 Medium= (STR+DEX) /3 Long= Double Medium ,  Yeah there's math, you're playing D&D someone at the table can do the math. Range is in old school Inches which means 10' or 10 yards per "inch" or whatever the DM says it does (bigger numbers are better).

Parry: bonus to AC when using this weapon to protect your ass... sometimes a good offense is a good defense. You lose your next attack but the chump is going to get walloped after he misses you.
Notes: Another find in my hard drive cleaning from 2 years ago.


  1. digging it. has a Stormbringer/Elric vibe to the me mechanics.

  2. Useful for my upcoming "Post-Apocalyptic Pitfighting" session!