Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Undercity Monsters A and B

A bestiary of some of the monsters That populate the Undercity of Mog and the WeirdLands.
I use a morale stat (ML in these entries) and psionics based on the Mutant Future game so the WIL score is included as well.

Fully intelligent apes that deploy technology as well as men when they care to.  They reject mannish money will be found with glass tokens, has no problem with mannish arms, will smash super-science relics. Some ape-cities will employ men as pack-beasts or servants often lobotomizing or cutting the tongues out of such servants to limit the ability of speech.

Apeman HD 2; AC 5 [14]; Atk 1 weapon +1 due to Str; Move 12 (climb 9); Save 16; AL Any; CL 2; ML: 8; WIL: 13; Special: None.

Army Moles
Ugly naked pink carnivorous mole-rats a foot in length. These blind toothed eatoign machines cralw through the earth in great mobs consuming everything in their path.

Army Mole HD 1d3hp; AC: 7[12]; ATK: 1pt; Mv: 6 (burrow 3); Save:18; AL-N; CL- A; ML: 11; WIL:14; Special –5% diseased bite.

Rock Baboon
A species of tough armor skinned  baboons that dwells in caves near the surface down into he deepest earth. They are +4 to save vs fungus and slime attacks. They will sometimes be used as watch beasts by deep-dwelling races.

Rock Baboon HD 2; AC 3 [16]; Atk 1 bite (1d6) or rocks 1d4; Move 12; Save 16; AL N; CL/XP 2; ML:7; WIL:8; Special: only takes half damage from non-magical edged weapons.

Nasty deep dwelling tunnel-bats that will lap up the blood of victims.

Bat HD 1d3hp; AC: 3[16]; ATK: 1pt; Mv: 12; Save:18; AL-N; CL- A; ML:6; WIL:7; Special – agile,  blood sucking bats will latch on and drain 1pt blood each round after 1st successful attack.  AC 10 when latched on.

Blade Bat
A stable species of mutant bats with long tails sporting boney sword-like tails.

Blade Bat HD 2; AC 7 [12]; Atk 1 swordtail (1d6) Move 3 (fly 15); Save 16; AL N; CL 2; ML: 9; WIL: 8; Special: 10% chance of disease.

Sting Bat
A mutant species of bat sporting a prehensile tail with a scorpion-like sting.

Sting Bat HD 1+1; AC 7 [12]; Atk 1 sting 1d3+ poison Move 3 (fly 15); Save 17; AL N; CL 2; ML: 10; WIL: 6; Special: poison- 1st dose slows victim, second dose paralyzes victim. Blood suck hlepeless victim for 1-3 pts a round.

Giant Bat, Sanguine
They Giant bats are blood suckers that can quickly drain a victim of it’s living essence. If a bite attack and claw hit victim they will latch on automatically drain 1d8 hp a round while blood sucking.

Giant Sanguine Bat HD 4; AC 6 [13]; Atk 1 bite (1d6), 2 claws (1d6); Move 3 (fly 18); Save 13; AL N; CL 5; ML:8; WIL: 9; Special: 10% chance of disease. Blood sucking 1d8 per round

Deep Bloat
Very large, obese, and semi-intelligent light pink to grey skinned humanoids standing 10'-12' tall ; they travel at a goodly pace despite their bulk serving as riding beasts in some strange realms. A Deep Bloat rider sits on the shoulders of the bloat and typically gives verbal commands. Deep bloats must be well fed or they can be distracted by food.
Wild packs of Deep bloats can quickly consume rations (a weeks worth in 2-7 rounds) and are even able to eat while slapping and kicking away any trying to stop them. Bloats make almost no noises other than gentle cooing sounds and the occasional burp or flatulence.
A Deep Bloat can carry 400 pounds and move at full speed, a max load is about 600 pounds. Deep Bloats are rumored to be a failed morlock experiment to breed larger eloi food-beasts.

Deep bloat HD 6; AC 8 [11]; Atk slap 1d6 or crush 2d6; Move 15; Save 6; AL N; ML:7; WIL:6; CL 6; Special: Burrow,  surprise

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  1. deep bloat sounds like something you would encounter in the Vaults of N'kai