Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Pile of Coins

Oh look, a nice pile of coins. Roll 1d100
  1. A Few Bits of Bilon Sovereign (valued at 12 silver)
  2. Purse Weighed Down With Potin Groschen (trading for 60 silver)
  3. Purse Holding Debased Leprechaun Copper Uncia (worth 10 coppers)
  4. Small Sack weighted down with Quintuple Elfin Pewter Sestertius {fetching 37 silver)
  5. Sash Covered in Shaved Silver Semos (trading for 60 silver)
  6. Coffer with Counterfit Giant Copper Leauger (worth 400 gold)
  7. Sash Covered in Quintuple Giant Bronze Lune (valued at 120 gold)
  8. Stack Of Antique Olympian Silver pFennig (valued at 30 silver)
  9. Purse Weighed Down With Leprechaun Silver Zlot (worth 432 gold)
  10. Purse Weighed Down With Bent Leprechaun Silver Penny (valued at 12 gold)
  11. Large Sack of Goblin Copper Shekel {fetching 36 gold)
  12. Pot of Potin Rook (valued at 240 gold)
  13. Large Sack of Warn Trollkin Silver Crescents {fetching 900 gold)
  14. Handful of Half Giant Brass Guilder {fetching 24 silver)
  15. Handful of Half Pewter Shekel {fetching 24 coppers)
  16. Pile of Clipped Pharonic Copper Crona (valued at 60 gold)
  17. Large Sack of Triple Steel Quadran (worth 60 silver)
  18. Stack Of Triple Chthonian Electrum Dupodonis (trading for 120 gold)
  19. Small Sack with Triple Chthonian Arichalcum Ducat {fetching 60000 gold)
  20. Handful of Antique Dwarven Copper Dinar (trading for 15 gold)
  21. Stack OF Bits of Orcish Copper Groat (valued at 64 coppers)
  22. Large Sack of Brass Farthing (worth 62.5 coppers)
  23. Scattering of some Half Elfin Silver Lord {fetching 90 silver)
  24. Heap of Lead Farthing (valued at 15 coppers)
  25. Small Sack with Corroded Amazonian RoseGold Minari (worth 26 gold)
  26. Pile of Elder Olympian Brass Leopard (valued at 18 gold)
  27. Scattering of some Draconian Silver Dinar (worth 75 gold)
  28. Sash Covered in Ancient Orcish Silver Mark (trading for 115 gold)
  29. Several Corroded VerdegrisBrass Groat {fetching 14 coppers)
  30. Scattering of Dwarven Bilon Doubloon {fetching 36 gold)
  31. Handful of Double Cyclopean Gold Miliarense (trading for 244 gold)
  32. Many Fairy Silver Shekel (trading for 288 gold)
  33. Mountain of Debased Dwarven Silver Minum {fetching 40 gold)
  34. Stack OF Clipped Potin Ducat {fetching 25 gold)
  35. Purse Weighed Down With Half Potin Royal (trading for 60 gold)
  36. Hoard of Debased Amazonian Gilded Follis (worth 26 gold)
  37. Small Sack weighted down with Pharonic Electrum Penny (trading for 80 gold)
  38. Stack Of Corroded Fairy Silver Miliarense (trading for 14 gold)
  39. Large Sack of Brass Farthing (trading for 62.5 coppers)
  40. Scattering of some Silver Sous (valued at 30 coppers)
  41. Pile of Old Gold Guilder {fetching 1000 gold)
  42. Many Debased Orcish Silver Pesata {fetching 48 gold)
  43. Single Draconian Silver Nummus {fetching 2.5 coppers)
  44. Pile of Counterfit Trollkin Copper Penny {fetching 12 silver)
  45. Small Sack with Warn Olympian Copper Quadran (trading for 12 silver)
  46. A Few Stacks of VerdegrisBrass Doubloon {fetching 10 gold)
  47. Stacks of Dwarven Steel Lion (trading for 24 gold)
  48. Several Stacks Copper Bezaint (worth 20 silver)
  49. Shirt Covered in Quintuple Pharonic Copper Solidus (trading for 96 gold)
  50. Pile of Antique Fairy Silver Lune (worth 150 gold)
  51. Sash Covered in Bent Draconian Arichalcum Penny {fetching 300 gold)
  52. Several Stacks Elfin Silver As {fetching 30 gold)
  53. Stacks of Giant Bronze Dirham (valued at 400 gold)
  54. Purse With Shaved Copper Pengo {fetching 50 coppers)
  55. Stacked Bent Trollkin Bronze Fen (valued at 5 coppers)
  56. Pot of Old Giant Copper Royal (worth 960 gold)
  57. Pot of Dwarven Copper Fen (valued at 12 silver)
  58. Sash Covered in Antique Imperial Electrum Hyperpyron (worth 4320 gold)
  59. Hoard of Corroded Leprechaun Gold Fen (trading for 400 gold)
  60. Hoard of Bent Saurian Gold Minum (trading for 56 gold)
  61. Purse Weighed Down With Dwarven Hepatizon Gromin (valued at 24 gold)
  62. Huge Hoard of Bits of Giant Electrum Shillling {fetching 48000 gold)
  63. Huge Hoard of Dwarven Norium Groat (valued at 2400 gold)
  64. Handful of Corroded Trollkin Arichalcum Semos (valued at 12 gold)
  65. Coffer with Old Silver Zlot {fetching 1440 gold)
  66. Single Imperial Potin Pengo (trading for 3 coppers)
  67. Pile of Half Pharonic Potin Minum (trading for 50 coppers)
  68. Large Sack of Double Amazonian Gold Farthing {fetching 137 gold)
  69. A Few Stacks of Double Goblin Copper Rook (trading for 14 gold)
  70. Pile of Copper Pengo (worth 25 silver)
  71. Scattering of some Quintuple Fairy Bilon Perper (trading for 86 silver)
  72. Small Sack with Bent Silver Talent (valued at 240 gold)
  73. Purse Holding Pharonic Arichalcum Schinderling (worth 24 gold)
  74. Several Stacks Old Giant Hepatizon Pesata (valued at 50 gold)
  75. Small Sack weighted down with Shaved Draconian Silver Fals (trading for 12 gold)
  76. Heap of Corroded Trollkin Copper Bull (worth 18 gold)
  77. Handful of Elder Chthonian Potin Farthing {fetching 22.5 coppers)
  78. Purse Holding Antique Olympian Arichalcum Farthing (trading for 37 gold)
  79. Stacked Clipped Olympian Copper Obol {fetching 19 silver)
  80. A Few Stacks of Platinum Gromin (trading for 800 gold)
  81. Small Sack with Counterfit Gold Batzen (worth 80 gold)
  82. Shirt Covered in Leprechaun VerdegrisBronze Guilder {fetching 48 gold)
  83. Heap of Warn Orcish Electrum Lion (valued at 2400 gold)
  84. Small Sack weighted down with Imperial Brass Lion {fetching 12 gold)
  85. Mountain of Half Leprechaun Bronze Royal (worth 3200 gold)
  86. Purse Weighed Down With Bent Silver Shekel {fetching 48 gold)
  87. Heap of Gold Sous (trading for 300 gold)
  88. Purse Holding Antique Saurian Copper Minum (trading for 3.5 coppers)
  89. Pile of Triple Draconian Arichalcum Livre (worth 12500 gold)
  90. A Few Antique Pharonic Silver Grosso (valued at 12 silver)
  91. Purse Holding Quintuple Leprechaun Silver Groat (worth 40 gold)
  92. Purse Holding Dwarven VerdegrisBronze Grosso (trading for 80 silver)
  93. Pile of Potin Hyperpyron (valued at 750 gold)
  94. Large Sack of Old Dwarven Hepatizon Doubloon (worth 2500 gold)
  95. Single Trollkin Silver Gen (trading for 30 coppers)
  96. Pot of Antique Giant Bronze Grosso (valued at 192 gold)
  97. Stack Of Elfin Gold Lux {fetching 300 gold)
  98. Heap of Ancient Dwarven Silver Heller {fetching 60 gold)
  99. Purse Weighed Down With Leprechaun Silver Perper (worth 720 gold)
  100. Sash Covered in VerdegrisCopper Groat (worth 24 silver)
A pass through my treasure generator as a handy 1d100 table. There are over 67 million different types of coin based loot alone . Needs a little clean-up work but it's coming along nicely.

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