Saturday, November 16, 2013

50 Big and Expensive Gems

Here's 50 big and expensive single gems spit out by my treasure generator. A few small cheap gems add flavor and a pile of gems is fun as loot but sometimes you just want big fat expensive gems,
  1. Goose Egg-sized Richly Colored Fancy Cut Devil Tear  (usually worth  10500000 gold)
  2. Hen Egg-sized Magnificent Fancy Cut Eye Agate  (priced at  6480 gold)
  3. Fist-sized Average Supeiror cut Girasol Quartz  (priced at  3000 gold)
  4. Ostrich Egg-sized Off Hue Crisply Faceted Lemon Quartz  (priced at  4800 gold)
  5. Hen Egg-sized Muddy Amazingly Cut Pearl  (valued at  28800 gold)
  6. Hen Egg-sized Near Perfect Even Polychrome Jasper  (priced at  4800 gold)
  7. Huge Minor Inclusion Facetted Sardonyx  (fetching  1400 gold)
  8. Fist-sized Average Polished Topaz  (worth  480000 gold)
  9. Massive Average Crisply Faceted Elf Stones  (valued at  14400 gold)
  10. Huge Cloudy Off Balance Sunstone  (valued at  570 gold)
  11. Goose Egg-sized Average Off Balance Red Rutilated Quartz  (fetching  630 gold)
  12. Dragon Egg-sized Flawless Lumpy Lapis Lazuli  (priced at  28800 gold)
  13. Huge Richly Colored Supeiror cut Elf Stones  (may fetch  14400 gold)
  14. Goose Egg-sized Muddy Off Balance Blue Coral  (worth  60 gold)
  15. Massive Near Perfect Even Devil Tear  (may fetch  240000000 gold)
  16. Dragon Egg-sized Average Lumpy Quartz  (priced at  600 gold)
  17. Huge Badly Flawed Fine Cut Morganite  (today only  8000 gold)
  18. Goose Egg-sized Flawed Cabochon Star Sapphire  (priced at  175000 gold)
  19. Gargantuan Richly Colored Even Shell Jasper  (fetching  75000 gold)
  20. Skull-sized Superior Luster Rough Cut Shell Jasper  (usually worth  10000 gold)
  21. Ostrich Egg-sized Average Amazingly Cut Star Rose  (usually worth  16000 gold)
  22. Ostrich Egg-sized Fair Raw Amethyst  (trading for  18000 gold)
  23. Gargantuan Muddy Lumpy Citrine  (fetching  4500 gold)
  24. Massive Cloudy Even Star Rose  (priced at  4800 gold)
  25. Gargantuan Superior Luster Raw Rock Crystal  (today only  20000 gold)
  26. Goose Egg-sized Richly Colored Lumpy Ammolite  (fetching  1260000 gold)
  27. Dragon Egg-sized Badly Flawed Raw Exotic Topaz  (today only  200000 gold)
  28. Hen Egg-sized Notable Inclusion Fine Cut Red Jasper  (valued at  600 gold)
  29. Gargantuan Richly Colored Fine Cut Sunstone  (fetching  120000 gold)
  30. Hen Egg-sized Superior Luster Cleanly Faceted Idicolite  (fetching  57600 gold)
  31. Fist-sized Muddy Off Balance Dragon Eye  (may fetch  8640 gold)
  32. Massive Badly Flawed Fine Cut Spinel  (fetching  96000 gold)
  33. Gargantuan Superior Luster Fancy Cut Red Jasper  (worth  250000 gold)
  34. Hen Egg-sized Cloudy Perfect Peridot  (trading for  576000 gold)
  35. Massive Minor Inclusion Fine Cut Rainforest Jasper  (priced at  13440 gold)
  36. Hen Egg-sized Cloudy Cabochon Chrysoprase  (worth  240 gold)
  37. Massive Off Hue Fine Cut Obsidian  (priced at  2300 gold)
  38. Very Large Flawless Supeiror cut Moss Agate  (may fetch  6000 gold)
  39. Gargantuan Magnificent Even Snowflake Obsidian  (priced at  72000 gold)
  40. Massive Off Hue Cabochon Rose Quartz  (fetching  11520 gold)
  41. Very Large Flawed Even Lace Agate  (trading for  30 gold)
  42. Ostrich Egg-sized Off Hue Polished Mother of Pearl  (worth  610 gold)
  43. Dragon Egg-sized Near Perfect Facetted Citrine  (priced at  100000 gold)
  44. Huge Notable Inclusion Raw Idicolite  (worth  5000 gold)
  45. Plum-sized Flawless Perfect Opal  (valued at  48000000 gold)
  46. Gargantuan Average Even Eye Agate  (valued at  9000 gold)
  47. Hen Egg-sized Excellent Amazingly Cut Jacinth  (valued at  12000000 gold)
  48. Fist-sized Magnificent Crisply Faceted Leopardskin Jasper  (trading for  10800 gold)
  49. Fist-sized Good Off Balance Banded Agate  (may fetch  360 gold)
  50. Huge Superior Luster Even Morganite  (usually worth  160000 gold)
From looking at a few dozen runs I'm pretty sure each gem generated in a run doesn't need quality and cut generated every time but it's still here for now.

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