Saturday, November 9, 2013

Death Turnips and Other Saucer Men

There's a great series of table over at Elfmaids and Octopi for close encounters and saucer men.  The last post Aliens, Saucer Men and Space Gods of Psychon triggered spontaneous typing in me and here's a table with twenty five additional saucer men drawn from decades of sci-fi comics, creature feature films, digest magazines, pulp novels, and gaming.

Death Turnips and Other Saucer Men table (roll1d100)

1-4: Death Turnips, horrible ambulatory multi-limbed fang mouthed vegetable carnivores. Seek to eradicate all herbivores.
5-8: Sentient Triffids, ambulatory plants with wicked paralytic fronds and bizarre tech, no respect at all for animal life.
9-12: Simians, intelligent apes quite annoyed that evolution has produced humanity
13-16: Gorillatron, large brutal cyborg-gorillas, often warlike possibly controlled by signals from a mothership.
17-20: Plasti-drones, rubbery plastic simulations of the first human contacted by aliens (actually aliens are back on home-world remotely controlling the drone, can’t figure out why exact replica of one person duplicated again and again tips off the locals).
21-24: Oolioops, seemingly identical to earthlings and able to shape shift to appear like other individuals  (using pods in ship). Disguise is perfect except for the extra set of eyes on the back of their heads and the upside-down hands.
25-28: Salt Vampires, a nasty race of body fluid draining leathery humanoids just barley intelligent enough to operate the equipment of species they have drained dry.
29-32: Incu-Crabs,a diminutive race of intelligent crabs that sit inside human clones, not past using non-clones if they must.
33-36: Radio-Slaves, normal folks like you and me except for the bulky electronic circuits and antennas implanted on their heads, saucers are relays or command centers
37-40: Bloomits, largw intelligent flowers that seek to seed the world and overcome the local population, able to confuse and control humans with their hypnotic pollen.
41-44: Rustmasters, odd armadillo like insectoids seek to consume all ferrous metals on earth.
45-48: Chess Kings, small calculating  octopods that must remove humanoid heads and mount the still living body to have adequate mobility and hands.
49-52: Glamazons- tall golden skinned gorgeous amazon race evolved past the need for males of the species.
53-56: Hemaphrons, a man and woman like race of humanoids, having fertility issues needs to collect samples from local population,
57-60: Green Space Monkeys, just what it sounds like: green monkey sometimes with antenna or an extra set of limbs often in bubble helmed space-suits. Might just be less intelligent servants of a superior race but be careful about mentioning that to them.
61-64: Oculonss, a race of levitating tentacled eyes that doesn’t care much for species with bones.
65-68: Geloomphs, floating jellyfish men that communicate with flashing lights and complex choreography , doesn’t consider life incapable of communicating with them as intelligent.
69-72: Xybrax, a huge shaggy metallic race of near-giants that would be mostly-harmless if it wasn’t for their need to see with x-ray lighting.
73-76: The Bob, a race of clones both males and females have the same perfected and researched ideal head of Bob (bodies vary to the fit the ideal for their role). They are always seeking new genes and body shapes which are melted down in protein tanks for use replication and use later. Every now and then a new superior generation of The Bob will be born that seeks to eradicate and replace earlier generations of The Bob.
77-80: Bee-Women, amazon insect hybrids able to hypnotically control male humanoids and insectoids with their buzzing.
81-84: Interstellar-Frankensteins, a random collection of sentient beings surgically grafted together in new and superior ways that sees each world as a new source of parts that allows them to exist as virtually immortal beings.
85-88: Telex, an electronic telepathic race able to interact with lower life forms vie television screens and related video monitors.  Wheeled about in a.v. carts by subject species.
89-92: Gorge are a greedy race of humanoids that will eat and eat until there are immobilized by their girth and continue to eat and eat until they are ripped apart by the feeding young who eat their way out from inside and that cycle will repeat until every morsel is consumed on a planet.
93-96: Pongiacs, a curious looking race of humanoids that would be totally harmless were it not for their toxic flatulence. They may be servants of a master race sent to change the atmosphere of target worlds.
97-100: Porcine Dwarves, have a cook book full of recipes they would like to try out with the human race…

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