Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Undercity Monsters M to R

A bestiary of undercity monsters.
Small, darkly furred bald-headed humanoids. Molemen sometimes use glow grenades, anyone splashed glows for an hour mole men +1 to hit glowing foes. Wield mining tools and javelins.

Moleman HD 1-1; AC 8[11] or armor; Atk: 1 weapon; Move: 9; Save: 17; AL: L or N; CL:1; ML:6; WIL: 11; Special: sense vibrations (only half penalty vs invisible foes).

Dreaded Mole
A ten to 12 foot long huge carnivorous mole that hunts through the tunnels of the undercity and readily makes its own tunnels when desired. These voracious hunters have a taste for molemen, pygmies, and troglozaks preferring them to other prey. Their tough amazingky tough hide is a popular component for construction of magical leather armor.

Dread Mole HD 9; AC 0 [19]; Atk Bite (2d12) and 2 Claws (2d6); Move 9 (Burrow 3); Save 6; AL N; ML:9; WIL:12; CL/XP 10; Special: Burrow,  surprise.

A devolved species of cannibalistic men generally of savage semi-simian appearance. Their eyes don’t glow but they do reflect light being the first and last thing some see of morlocks. Morlocks have an ancestral technological affinity and groups will often have stray techno-junk, every now and then a techno-relic or super-science weapon will be on hand. There are three main subraces of Morlocks and they war on each other with fervor: Shaggy White, Grey Glum, and Naked Pink. Some colonies may foster a common mutation but this puts them at odds with morlocks of their own subrace outside the colony.

Morlock HD 1 to 6 ; AC 7[13]; Atk: 1 weapon; Move: 9 (climb 3); Save: 17+; AL: N or C ; CL:1 to 6; ML:7+; WIL: 12+; Special: techno gear 20%.

Pygmy, Degenerate
Some tribes of pygmies are corrupted by ancient wastes, starge radiation, or experimentation by alien wizards. They are often insanely violent and cannibalistic. Some may have classes and levels as normal pygmies.
“Common” Degenerate Pygmy Mutations
1-           Monkey Pawed, climb move of 6
2-           Monkey Tailed, can hand from tails.
3-           Skunk Tailed, spary sickening stench.
4-           Scorpion Tailed, 1d4 sting plus poison.
5-           Bug-eyed
6-           Laser-eyes, show 3 times a day for 2d6 damage up to 60’.
7-           Fanged, gains a 1d4 bite attack.
8-           Hyper Brains, 1d4 psionic abilities. WIL is 16.

Degenerate Pygmy HD 1; AC 8[11] or armor; Atk: 1 weapon (or special); Move: 9; Save: 17; AL:C ; CL:1; ML:7; WIL: 8; Special: mutations

Rust Bear
Orange bears smaller than grizzly bears and polar bears, from 200 pounds (small females) to about 500 pounds (large males). If a rust bear hits with both claws, it hugs for an additional 1d8 hit points of damage. A rust bear’s saliva will reduce metal into goo similar to the attack of a rust monster.

Rust Bear: HD 4; AC 7 [12]; Atk 2 claws (1d3), 1 bite (1d6); Move 9; Save 13; AL N; CL/XP 4; ML:9; WIL: 8;  Special: Hug (1d8). Rust.

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