Saturday, November 9, 2013

Faeries are Aliens

Think about it carefully; think of their strange heads, almond eyes, odd circles, twinkling lights, and mysterious ways. They are older than us and yet invisible and apart so much of the time.  Well, that’s because faeries are aliens.

Up the airy mountain
      Down the rushy glen,
 We daren't go a-hunting,
      For fear of little men;
 Wee folk, good folk,
      Trooping all together;
 Green jacket, red cap,
      And white owl's feather.
 Down along the rocky shore
      Some make their home,
 They live on crispy pancakes
      Of yellow tide-foam;
 Some in the reeds
      Of the black mountain-lake,
 With frogs for their watch-dogs,
      All night awake.

They are little men who haunt the night in dark woods and remote places where hunters fear to go. They consume odd and exotic foods that would be unlikely to sustain us. Many fairies avoid the sunlight as the unshielded rays burn their alien skins. Their forms vary and they are able to conceal themselves among mankind.

Amphibious Watch-things of the Space Fairies
Slime covered amphibious things silver grey to jet black in coloration they are left to guard hidden bases and cloaked saucers.
Any terrestrial being that touches their slimey hides must save vs posion or become rendered by the anesthetic goo.
 If trapped outside during the day they will suffer 1-4 points per round until they find darkness, deep shadow, or water deep enough to cover themselves a foot or two.

Amphibious Watch-things: HD 5; AC 3[16]; Atk Tongue (grapple), bite (1d10); Move 12/15 (Swim); Save 11; AL C; CL:7; Special: Leap, swallow whole, poison skin, only suffer half damage unless attacked by magic, psionics, or super science.

High on the hill-top
      The old King sits;
 He is now so old and gray
      He's nigh lost his wits.
 With a bridge of white mist
      Columbkill he crosses,
 On his stately journeys
      From Slieveleague to Rosses;
 Or going up with music,
      On cold starry nights,
 To sup with the Queen,
      Of the gay Northern Lights.

They dwell far afield and are long in the tooth. Their domains are of the stars themselves and those parcels of land they have set upon.
Some of those “high hill tops” are flying saucers in disguise.

 They stole little Bridget
      For seven years long;
 When she came down again
      Her friends were all gone.
 They took her lightly back
      Between the night and morrow;
 They thought she was fast asleep,
      But she was dead with sorrow.
 They have kept her ever since
      Deep within the lake,
 On a bed of flag leaves,
      Watching till she wake.
For reasons unknown to man they take us away and on occasion return us. Time and again  the little folk take men away for a variety of infractions, in spiteful whimsy, or in uncaring for the impact it will have on the lives and sanity of humankind.
When defeated by a faeries charms or other magical means of incapacitation the fairies may take the victim away to dwell on their worlds or mayhaps they have some other alien motivation.

By the craggy hill-side,
      Through the mosses bare,
 They have planted thorn trees
      For pleasure here and there.
 Is any man so daring
      As dig them up in spite?
 He shall find the thornies set
      In his bed at night.

They are colonizing our world with their alien genetically-modified life. Beware contacting this lest it spread through the lands and taint our very homes.

These wickedly barbed thorned plants are difficult to pass thru requiring sharp implements to cut away or other force to pass. The careless or unsuccessful may suffer as much as 1-3 pts of damage in the endeavor. Even worse any contact with these has a 15% chance of contaminating the victim with spores that will sprout fresh Thornies in but 1-4 days wherever the victim spends much time (usually enough time to sleep).
 Faeries, their minions, and those in faerie-crafted garb may pass through them safely.

Up the airy mountain
      Down the rushy glen,
 We daren't go a-hunting,
      For fear of little men;
 Wee folk, good folk,
      Trooping all together;
 Green jacket, red cap,
      And white owl's feather.
Thanks to William Allingham 19th century Irish Poet for having the foresight to write a poem that helps to illustrate the theory.


  1. ive always thought aliens were just elves

  2. In this connexion I recommend Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld by Patrick Harpur.