Monday, November 11, 2013

Some Weapons of The Saucer-Men

A handy table of weapons for aliens, BEM and Saucer-men of all kinds.
The lower numbers are "safe" weapons, migratign to melee weapons then personal arms and then the big stuff. The big stuff should probably not be used except as adventure devices.
Pistols usually do the same damage a sword does in the game with effective range of 50’
Guns usually do twice pistol damage with an effective range of 100’
Rifles usually do half again as much damage as pistols with an effective range of 200’
Grenades typically do twice  sword damage, they and other thrown weapons have an effective range of 40’ 

Weapons of the Saucer-Men
1.      Hypnotic Blinker- all in 30’ by 30’ cone facing blinker must save or be stunned for 2-5 rounds and have recent memory whipped clean
2.      Stun Glove- Save or be stunned
3.      Pain Stick- - those able to feel pain are overcome and helpless for 1-4 rounds.
4.      Stun Rod-  save or be stunned
5.      Brown-noise Gun- incapacitated by sudden loss of bowel control for 2-12 rounds
6.      Agonizer Ray- those able to feel pain are overcome and helpless for 2-7 rounds.
7.      Stun Whip- save or be stunned
8.      Stun Pistol- save or be stunned
9.      Soporific Sprayer- all in 30’long by 20’ wide cone must save vs toxins or fall asleep for 2-5 hours.
10.   Flash Pellets- blinds all in 20’ radius.
11.   Sleep Dart- save vs toxins or fall asleep for 2-8 hours.
12.   Nightmare Grenade- creatures able to dream are overwhelmed by horrible nightmares for 2-20 minutes.
13.   Stun gun- save or be stunned
14.   Glue Grenade- covers everything in strong adhesive pink goo in a 20’ radius, impossible to escape for 2-5 hours (when goo turns to powder)
15.   Net Gun- shoots out a net that can capture targets in a 5’ radius.
16.   Flash-Bang Grenades- if you can hear or see save or be stunned.
17.   Goo Rifle- target held fast in sticky pink goo. Will not be able to break free for 2-5 hours  (when goo turns to powder)
18.   Pulse Pistol- stuns androids, robots, and cyborg. Might damage hand-held electronics
19.   Pulse Grenade- stuns androids, robots, and cyborg in 30’ radius. Might damage consumer electronics
20.   Pulse Rifle- stuns androids, robots, and cyborg. Might damage consumer electronics
21.   Neural Inhibitor Spary- this toxin prohibits nerves from working effectively no actions possible for 2-12 mintues
22.   Muscle Relaxer Ray- all voluntary muscles are useless for 2-22 minutes. A few involuntary ones could fail in embarrassing non-lethal manner.
23.   Thunder Pistol- loud noise knocks targets down and deafens on failed save (no other damage, usually)
24.   Rust Grenade- all iron based metals within 20’ are reduced to fine dust.
25.   Paralysis Ray- target paralyzed for 2-12 hours
26.   Cerebral Suspender Ray- an intensity 18 mental attack which shuts off the brain for 1-10 rounds.
27.   Rubber Gloves- strange field causes metals touched to be rubbery and useless for 30 minutes.
28.   Graviton-Bolas- target must save at -2 or be pulled to the ground and pinned there by intense gravitational force (for up to 20 minutes).
29.   Levitronic-Ray- target is suspended 10’ above the surface for 2-12 rounds.
30.   Memory Ray- all recent memories are whipped clean on save made at -4
31.   Freeze Hammer- target must save or be  wrapped in temporal field for as many round as points of damage suffered.
32.   Shock Gloves- target must save or be shocked unconscious
33.   Electro Whip-reach up to 15’.  target must save or be shocked unconscious
34.   Sliver Stick- punches slivers of chemical/toxin into victim who must save or be effected by the chemical/toxin
35.   Collapsium Mace- target hit must save or be trapped in place by graviton motes.
36.   Phase Blade- +3 blade ignores any armor 50% of the time.
37.   Saturn Drone- a hovering drone with a buzz-saw blade provides user with an extra attack in melee may be directed up tot 30’ away at a target as a ranged attack,.
38.   Cryonic-Gauntlet- target must save or be frozen
39.   Tentacle-Flail- reach up to 15’, target must save or be grappled for automatic damage on following rounds.
40.   Thunderstar- +2 super-science morning star require target to save or be knocked unconscious
41.   Monofilament Lash- +4 super-science vorpal sword
42.   Photonic-Rapier- +2 laser sword
43.   Pneumo Pistol- fires compressed air at ½ normal pistol range.
44.   Laser Pistol- double normal pistol range, but blocked by fog
45.   Oobe Ray- targets must save or have their consciousness ripped from their body for 1d12 hours. Those without any psychic awareness must save at end or die.
46.   Laser Rifle- double normal rifle range, but blocked by fog
47.   X-Ray Pistol- ignores  non-magical or non-superscience armor. ½ usual rifle range.
48.   X-Ray Rifle-  ignores  non-magical or non-superscience armor. ½ usual rifle range.
49.   Microwave Pistol- non-metallic or non-magical armor is ignored
50.   Microwave Rifle- non-metallic or non-magical armor is ignored
51.   Heat Pistol- target must save or be ignited
52.   Coagulation Grenade- 20’ radius toxic burst causes blood to coagulate and lead to targets death in 1-6 rounds. Targets without blood aren’t harmed.
53.   Heat Rifle- target must save or be ignited
54.   Ice Pistol- target must save or be frozen in place
55.   Rapid-Ossification Grenade- everything within 30’ radius with bone suffers damage each round for 1d4 rounds as their bones grow wildly and irregularly if save fails.
56.   Ice Rifle- target must save of be frozen in place
57.   Ion Pistol- causes double damage to electronics and positronics. May “stun” robots’ androids, and cyborgs. Only has ½ range of most pistols.
58.   Sonic Pistol- in addition to damage all targets in 10’wide by 30’ long cone must save vs blasts or be rendered deaf
59.   Ion Rifle- causes triple damage to electronics and positronics. May “stun” robots’ androids, and cyborgs. Only has ½ range of most rifles.
60.   Toxic Sliver Gun- solidified darts of toxin are fired into targets save vs poison required or suffer effect of toxin,
61.   Blaster Pistol- everything within 5’ must save or suffer half damage initial target did.
62.   Sonic Rifle- in addition to damage all targets in 20’ wide by 50’ long cone targets must save vs blasts or be rendered deaf.
63.   Blaster Rifle- everything within 10’ must save or suffer half damage initial target did.
64.   Shrink Ray- causes ½ damage for minor sudden tissue compression,  on a failed save target is reduced to 1/10 normal size
65.   Protein Disruptor- turns flesh and tissues into goo
66.   Kinetic Ram- kinetic force generated strong enough to bash open a door, might open a gate.
67.   Metallic Oscillation Enhancer Ray- metals shake insanely fast, those in metal armor, androids, robots, and cyborgs must save ot take triple damage. Will shake apart non-super-science vehicles.
68.   Molecular Cohesion Relaxation Beam- now loose atoms sent all over the place. Taget must save or lose 1-100 kg of mass (pretty bad for most man-sized organisms)
69.   Radiation Pistol- target hit with moderate blast od radiation.
70.   Implosion Grenade- everything within 20’ randomly drawn to intensely strong micro-black hole. Save vs death required to avoid death.
71.   Death Ray Pistol- living targets must save vs death
72.   Implosion Ray- targets will have brief contact with mico-black hole. Save vs death at +4 allowed.
73.   Radiation Goggles- emits a cool devastating cone of intense radiation 20’ wide and 30’ long.
74.   Anti-gravity Gun- gravity no longer works on target for 1-10 minutes, target usually “falls” off the planet.
75.   Fusion Rifle- powerful blats irradiates targets that fail save with random intensity radiation.
76.   Green Slime Sprayer- sprays everything in 10’ wide by 30’ long cone with green slime.
77.   Yellow Mold Grenade- fills a 10’ radius with yellow mold
78.   Mutagenic Ray- targets that fail save will develop a random mutation the persists for 1-6 days
79.   Scatter Grenade- 1d100% of anything within 10’ is teleported 1d20 feet away in a random direction. Probably lethal if save is failed.
80.   Tripod Mounted Heat Ray- intense heat ray targets everything within 20’ of target. Range is triple that of a rifle.
81.   Tachyon Acceleration Gun- target will age 1d100 years.
82.   Ovum Bomb- all biological beings within 200’ of this bomb will grow younger by one year each minute for 1d100 minutes.  Those who age under age  0 will be effectively annihilated.
83.   De-evolutionary Ray- this cannon sized weapon able to fire to triple rifle range causes everything in 50’ target radius to save or be devolve into a primitive life form in their evolutionatychain. Mutants will lose 2-5 mutations. Humans would become homo-erectus.
84.   Evolutionary Accelartion Bomb- all targets within 1000’ of the detonation will rapidly evolve into a new life-form in 1-10 hours. Effect on humans(roll 1d8) 1- turn into ubermensch (+3 all stats), 2- turn into Craniac Dwarf  (-3 all physical stats, +3 all mental), 3- turn into morlock, 4- turn into blubberous-lump (-3 to all stats, move reduced to 1/3), 5- turn into biological vampire (sun damages, few advantages), 6- transcend physical body(probably get bored and wander off), 7 or 8 gain 1d4 random mutations.
85.   Quake ray,  fires up to ten times rifle range everything in 100 radiues hit by intense earth quake (as per earthquake spell if you have one in your game)
86.   Pulse Filed- suppresses flow of electricity in 1000’ radius while operational. Devices, robots, androids, cyborgs that enter the field will shut-down if not properly calibrated.
87.   Pule Bomb- cancels flow of elcetrcity in 1d100 mile radius against all electronics not properly calibrated. Causes 1d100 damage to robots, andorids, and cyborgs.
88.   Neutron Bomb- exposes all to blast of intense radiation within 2 mile radius of detonation.
89.   Black Smoke- a toxic cloud of black smoke 50’ in radius will float about for 1d30 minutes poisoning all who breath it.
90.   Fission Bomb- 1d100 damage and intense radiation to all within 1d4 miles.
91.   Red dust- a toxic cloud of red dust will poison all who touch the dust. The initial cloud will be 100’ in radius. It will settle and sink to the ground and seep into low space lingering for 1d100 years afterward.
92.   Nuclear Bomb- 2d100 damage and intense radiation to all within 2d10 miles
93.   Sterilization Bomb- will sterilize all life within 1d1000 miles of detonation so no offspring will be produced. May be reconfigured to only impact some species. Other than the morale hit for a species facing eventual extinction it causes no other immediate damage.
94.   Fusion Bomb- 3d100 damage and intense radiation to all within 5d10 miles
95.   Mantle Cracker- cracks a hole in the planets mantle forming a volcanic Caldera 1-100 miles in radius. Evrything 1-10 times as far away suffers 1d1000 damage.
96.   Protein Reducing Nano-bots- a swarm of nano-bots disassembles all complex protiens in 1d4 mile area for next 2-5 days. Any animal life in area suffers 1d20 damage an hour until nan0-bots deactivate. A protein slurry will be left where anything died. Force field and other super-science defense may keep the nano-bots out.
97.   Zombie “Virus”- turns dead humans into flesh eating zombies that also spread the” virus”. The zombie virus breaks all sorts of biological rules but still has disease-like contagion vectors.
98.   Organic-Sweeper- an array of devices are setup all around the planet. Once activated a black-earth field will sweep the planet killing everything unprotected below a certain elevation (1d1000 feet). Those with some protection will get a save vs death. Anything underwater is safe as is anything above the elevation.
99.   Planet Bomb- destroys entire planet, not very sporting.
100.                    Solar Snuffer- multiple spacecraft ring the star the field is activated and the star is extinguished. Collapsium may be harvested from cinders of the dead star. All life in system is doomed.


  1. wow! perhaps i could do a pdf with both our alien stuff sometime for public this is great

    1. Certainly. I wouldn't have done them without your inspiration. Please let me know when you do it (not that I'd bee too likely to miss it), and slap the url for this blog somewhere in the pdf.