Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WeirdLands Steps 4 and 5 (?)

So far in the WeirdLands I've gone  and randomly placedlone- houses (1 in 6 chance), settlements (1 in 8), Towers (1 in 10), and Castles (1 in 12). Checked what was generated where, moved some about and added some where they made sense (some more villages near castles for example).

I have not figured out who or what lives where yet. I'm currently working on prettying up the map and making sure the terrain types match the descriptions tighter.

Here's two section of the map currently:

I'm not posting the whole thing currently as aside from having placed the icons for lonely-houses, towers, settlements, and castles so far I just haven't gotten to everything yet. Not sure about the icons yet, may have to scale them up a little.

 I'm having fun with the odd little details, some of them aren't in the hex descriptions yet but will be. The giant termite-mounds are kinda-sorta in the description for single-species infested jungles and they are always fun to put on a map.  Still haven't figured out how to draw "Monster Kingdom" on the map aside from those demon skulls I currently have. I'm having a similar issue with the "Utopian" hexes, they have really crude smiley faces currently (not shown).

Oh yeah, the samples here are in 150 dpi, the full scale version has them at 300.


  1. I really like the large tree in the bottom sample, covering several hexes. Those are very nice details. Did you design all of them yourself?

    1. Doing everything in Photoshop myself for the map so far. The idea for the big tree came from rolling on charts based on those at Elfmaids and Octopi. I got a single plant entry in seven hexes and it just seemed cooler to make them all one big tree.