Thursday, November 7, 2013

Terrain and Adventure

Working on the Weirdlands and I've come to realize the terrain really does have a lot to do with how adventures can unfold and progress.

On the map snippet below there are nine different terrains (without accounting for color variations).
The little half brown hex  in the bottom right corner is part of a wasteland swept by purple haze it borders a dinosaur infested swampland (not the best place to stumble into while in a narcotic daze).
The purple hexes in the right are a blasted and twisted rocky expanse that would almost make the greenery of the carnivorous forest welcoming were it not for all the plants trying to eat you. To the west of the petrified forest there is a mist shrouded bogland where the remains of ancient dead can still be found bubbling to the surface and floating in fetid waters, no wonder some of the swamp to the north of that is choked with vile and nauseating gases and the more subdued fertile swamp land is defended by a castle.

Random placement isn't all that bad to assist in creating a setting with weird adventure. I'm seeing lots of opportunities for play in less then 10% of the whole area. The land itself should really help write adventures.

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