Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pylons of the WeirdLands Hexcrawl

There are a number pylons that influence magic and teleportation in the WeirdLands.  When one doesn’t know the proper mantra for a pylon's zone and they attempt to open a gateway or teleport over 100 feet they are drawn to the hex of the controlling pylon.  Attempting to remote view or scry over 100 yards within a pylon zone isn’t possible without knowledge of the appropriate mantra(s).

A portion of the pylon zones.
 Example Mantras: 

Sublime Untethering of the Lapis Pylon- allows one to leave the Lapis pylon zone by magical, psionic, or super-science methods.

Certain Translocation of the Crimson Pylon- allows one to translocate within the Crimson pylon zone.
Uncanny Emerald Obfuscation- allows one to be undetectable my magical, psionic, or super-science methods within the Emerald pylon zone.

Peering Yellow Eye - allows one to scry/remote-view within the yellow pylon zone even upon others that may be veiled by forms of the uncanny obfuscation. 

Comprehensive Locution of The Cyan Pylon - allows communication with a known being within zone of the Cyan pylon.

Tracking down and learning the various mantras will be essential to a practitioner of magic, psionics, or super-science that wishes to act beyond the limitation imposed by the pylons and tap into the power they provide.

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