Sunday, November 10, 2013

Greyscale Hexcrawl map

Here's a greyscale map of most of the WeirdLands hexcrawl with no numbers. I'm figuring it may be necessary to have a clean greyscale map along with the detailed colored one so I can print it out and mark player travels during multiple sessions. I didn't include hex no's or pylon locations on this copy as that isn't stuff I want the two players of my campaign who read the blog to have access to right now; got to be a little careful when sharign your campaign development with the whole world ;-) .

 A few point's I notice above on the greyscale copy:
   The coastlines for the larger water features are on the base hex color layer (not shown here), The color variation of terrain features is lost (no surprise there), some of the shading and "glow" that works on the color copy is sort of a blurry mess that doesn't convey the same info,may have to come up with an alternate set of symbols for the non-color version of the map.
   The map is a little easier to look at over all, there's a whole lot of color on the colored version. The symbols for settlements, castles, and towers do not pop in greyscale very well. 

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