Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Table Of Woe

When anyone but fighters is knocked to 0 or less hp they must roll on the Table of Woe.
Fighters need not roll on table of woe unless reduced to negative hp.

Table Of Woe
1d20 Survival Roll
Melee Attack
1-4: Head
5-6: Torso
7-9: Arm
10: Leg
Ranged Attack
1-2: Head
3-6: Torso
7-8: Arm
9-10: Leg
0 or less
Helm save for Coma or Death.

Gonna Die
Helm save for Coma or Death
Gonna Die
Helm save for
Grievous Wound or Coma
Grievous Wound
Grievous Wound
Grievous Wound
Helm  save for knocked out or Grievous wound
Grievous Wound
Crippling Wound
Crippling Wound
Helm save for stunned or
Serious wound
Serious Wound
Helm Save or Knocked Out
Shield Save or
Serious Wound
Shield Save or
Serious Wound
Serious Wound
Helm Save or Stunned
Knocked Down
And Stunned
Shield save or Drop Item and
Knocked Down and Stunned
21 or more
Helm Save or lose Helm
Knocked Down
Shield Save or Drop Item
Knocked Down

The D20 Survival Roll is 1d20 + toughness bonus (in my campaign it’s like a fortitude save)
If HP score is greater then the negative of character level, apply that as modifier to roll. (i.e. 3rd level character gets normal save chance at 0 to 3 hp, if knocked to -4 subtract 4 from the survival roll.)

Knocked Down: Adjacent foes may get a free attack. Takes a whole round to get up, anything carried was dropped.

Stunned: incapacitated until a save is made, check at end of each following round.

Knocked Out: will not revive for 2-7 turns.(20-70 rounds)

Serious Wound: Healing spells under 3rd level will not restore HP loss from this wound. Stunned until end of next round.

Crippling Wound: Lose limb and 1d4 ability points.

Grievous Wound: Incapacitated. Lose 1 ability point and helpless for  2-12 weeks, a serious wound. If an arm or Leg hit make another save or lose the limb in not treated within duration of recovery( Lose 1 Ability point if limb lost to this wound).

Gonna Die: You are going to die unless someone bandages you up.  Lose 1d4 Ability points. Dead in 2-12 rounds.  If an arm or Leg hit  lose the limb unless healing magic of 3rd level or higher restores all hp lost to this wound before rounds are done. Make save to remain conscious during your grim death any actions you take while dying are at-4.

Coma: Knocked out really badly. Immediately lose 1 ability point. Make a save after each week to recover. For each week in Coma lose 1 Ability point. Only exceptional healing that restores all HP loss to wound on one roll will relieve coma.

Death: dead right away.

Helm save X or Y: make a helmet save if you have one on,  suffer X on successful save or Y on failed save.

Shield save X or Y: make a shield save if you have one on, suffer X on successful save or Y on failed save. Shield save only allowed if attack from shielded side.

Ability Point Loss is permanent unless restored by powerful magic or super-science.
Arm or Leg wound ability loss is STR or DEX 50/50 either
Torso wound ability score loss is STR or CON 50/50 of either
Head wound ability score loss is INT or WIS 50/50 of either. Except for coma.
Ability score loss while in coma can come off any ability score randomly chosen. 1- STR, 2- INT,3-WIS,4-DEX,5-CON, 6-CHA.

Helpless characters may moan and weakly communicate, they may not take action, or cast spells. Any saves they are forced to make against attacks in this condition are made with 1d10 rolls instead of d20’s.

Table adapted from one at Built by Gods Long Forgotten.


  1. When you say 'anyone' do you mean monsters, too?


    1. I'd only worry about monsters (or even NPCs under 2nd level) on rare occasions. Anyone really means ANY PCish character.