Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The well-dressed gentleman

What's your adventurer wearing when he steps out on the town?

To start he'll be wearing a simple tight fitting shirt.
Followed by a pair of breeks and a tunic.

Next he'll add stockings, socks, and shoes.

Atop that will go leggings/rolls on the legs and a nice cloak.

Over all that there will be a mantle, a coif, and a nice hat.
 So simple undershirt, light-green tunic,salmon jacket with red trim, dark wool breeks, dark yellow stockings, yellow socks, shoes, red leggings, black silk coif, green cloak, crimson mantle, and red floppy hat with gold cord-wrap.
I didn't include belts,ribbons, and ties that would be worn to keep clothing in place, no pins or clasps are shown either. Pouch, dagger(s), sword, 2 waterskins, backpack with 2 weeks irin rations, glaive-guisarme, and 25,432 g.p. are all left out for convenience as well.

This is all really just a bit of fun but when was the last time you saw anyone put all of the above on a character sheet?

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