Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WeirdLands Hexcrawl Step 3

Prettied up the map and added color for each hex. The colors are for a touch of strangeness and a way to keep track of different areas, eventually the hexes will be prettied up more with more color and sharper graphics but for some time this will do the job:

There are two more colors than appear in the source material, I like Umber and Slate. Some of the same general terrain has different colors, others might look alike on the map for now as only the very general features can bee seen for now. With minor variations the hexes are the same as listed last post.

Now I have to start populating the map with ruins, tombs, castles, settlements, towers, lonely houses, and other weirdness. After that must generate encounters for each hex, I'm shooting for more detail than found in the original Carcosa but less then D20 Wilderlands.

I have not abandoned my MOG campaign, this is part of it but far enough removed from the midlands I'm treating it as it's own thing for now.


  1. i hadnt gone this scale yet i like lots

  2. Glad to hear it. It's a lot of fun. I got the first round of tower, castle, house, and settlement placement done lastnight, after I figure out the general conents of each I'll sweep through and decide if I need to add more or start sprinkling in identified ruins and such.

  3. i really like this approach and i look fwd to see its development - if i do a zine id consider using it

    1 Desert
    2 Tundra
    3 Rock
    4 Volcanic
    5 Forest
    6 Jungle
    7 Swamp
    8 Deathlands
    9 Water
    10 Manna
    11 Roll 2d10 for two terrains types in conflict here
    12 Roll 1d4+1 terrain types in conflict

    when i did this table i had only a d10 colours and added jet and ivory later but always demonstrate not like any modern human - i never added sacred terrains for these colours so im thinking about two terrains more

    11 Roll 2d10 for two terrains types in conflict here (or take developed)
    12 Roll 1d4+1 terrain types in conflict (or take hostile)
    Im inspired by what you have done will blog on this